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World-first portable brain scanner being trialled at PA Hospital

14 November 2019

PA Hospital Intensive Care Unit Staff Specialists, Dr David Cook and Dr James Walsham working with Stroke Neurologists, Dr Helen Brown and Dr Darshan Shah are bringing the first portable brain scanner device to life, alongside a team of experts from EMVision and the University of Queensland’s school of IT and Electrical Engineering.

The scanner is a world-first development, allowing clinicians to perform a brain scan at the patient bedside in under 30 seconds.

“In 30 seconds, we are able to obtain a good reading of the brain that will assist us to determine if a patient’s symptoms are due to a haemorrhagic or an ischaemic stroke or potentially other complications that require immediate action.”

“Moving forward, this can help our clinicians better manage and treat patients,” said Dr Cook.  

The mobile head scanner can be wheeled easily to a patient bedside and looks similar to a portable ultrasound machine.

“We are taking stroke imaging to the bedside of the patient using completely new technology based on the physics used for radar,” said EMVision CEO Dr Ron Weinberger.

A trial will commence within the Stroke Unit at PAH in 2019 and, with further refinement of this imaging technology, will aim to change the outcomes for people suffering a life-changing stroke or clot.

In the future, the technology will become even smaller and more accessible to the healthcare industry. There is the possibility to install the technology into ambulances.

“As the technology advances, the machine will become even smaller, even faster and more affordable so that scans could be routinely done in hospital at the bedside for monitoring, and even potentially, in the community by first responders” said Dr Cook.

Last updated 14 November 2019
Last reviewed 14 November 2019

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