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People with lived experience of mental illness to support others through recovery

14 October 2014

People with a lived experience of mental illness are being recruited in the Redlands to support others walking a similar path.

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services is seeking 12 community peer consumer/carers to support residents of the Bayside Community Care Unit, which opens in December.

Professor David Crompton, Executive Director Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services, said the roles would complement the eleven clinical roles being recruited in the lead up to the opening.

“We find that people with problems with their mental health tend to respond well to someone with a similar lived experience,” he said.

“Naturally it is easier to open up and share your thoughts and struggles with someone who can relate to what you are going through.”

Professor Crompton said community peer consumer/carer roles had shown great success in supporting people with a mental illness at other community care units around the state.

“Several Queensland Health facilities incorporate the support of community peer consumers/carers as part of their recovery programs," he said.

"Clinical evidence suggests that providing our consumers with access to someone with whom they can share similar experiences aids in their recovery.

"Our consumers can be quite traumatised by events in their lives so having someone they can open up to who understands them can help them come to terms with their situation."

Teresa, who works as a consumer peer recovery worker on Brisbane’s south side area, said she had found the experience very rewarding.

“It has been a privilege to walk alongside people with a mental illness. Being a consumer peer recovery worker allows me to appreciate the strength of the human spirit and recognise the importance of community,” she said.

Manawa, who works as a carer peer worker on the south side said it is an honour to be a part of a peer workforce that lifts up and holds the hope for consumers, their families and carers who all live with the impact of mental illness.

The roles are currently being advertised on

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