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PAH Hospital taking sustainability to the cleaner

23 March 2023

The PA Hospital kitchen is now a quieter, cooler, place to be thanks to its newest appliance.

Churning through over three and a half million pieces of cutlery each year, the new commercial-grade high performance Meiko MiQ dishwasher is state of the art, ensuring dishes are clean and staff are happy.

PAH Food Services Manager, Scott Pritchard, said the new addition will save staff time and exertion during their normal shifts.

“A simple touch of a button is all it takes for staff to open and close the hood which is a vast improvement from our previous model.

“The ergonomic design means employees can use the dishwasher more easily and avoid the risk of injury,” he said. 

The machine is quiet, efficient and requires less detergent than the previous machine. It is also more sustainable, using less water by recycling water and steam, and less electricity through shorter washing cycles.

PAH’s kitchen is one of the busiest places in the hospital, with the dishwasher as one of the hardest workers on staff!

Here are the stats:

  • The dishwasher runs three cycles per day, 365 days of the year
  • 800 trays are washed per cycle equalling 876,000 per year!
  • 3,200 pieces of cutlery are washed per cycle equalling over 3.5million per year!
  • 5,000 plates, bowls and lids are washed per cycle, equally over 5.5million per year!

PAH is committed to making sustainable, environmentally friendly choices throughout the entire hospital where appropriate. This upgrade is just one example.

Watch the new machine in action here

Last updated 23 March 2023
Last reviewed 23 March 2023

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