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Over 300,000 QEII Medical Records on the move

20 May 2021

QEII Medical Records have just wrapped up the mammoth task of moving over 300,000 medical records from both the primary file location and secondary storage facility, making way for further expansion of the hospital.

105,000 primary records have been relocated from the main building to secondary storage and over 200,000 files from there have now been moved off site.

“Our medical records team has been hard at work, moving all records from the secondary storage facility on campus just before Easter to free up space,” said Medical Records acting team leader, Lynette Egan.

“The secondary storage shed on campus will now house 18 months of records and act as our primary file location moving forward.”

While QEII transitioned to a digital hospital close to three years ago, there is still a need for paper records.

“As our transition to digital is fairly recent, there are still a lot of people who haven’t re-presented under the digital framework, therefore we are still accessing files for those people’s medical history.

“We also have the unprecedented demand of current large-scale pharmaceutical class action lawsuits requiring a lot of work from our team to source hundreds of files dating back many years,” she said.

There is no denying the importance of this agile team which is ensuring a certain amount of job security in the changing landscape of QEII Hospital.

“We need expert staff on site to ensure files can be located, sourced and, in some cases, destroyed in a timely and effective manner.”

The movement of Medical Records is just one of the changes allowing for further patient accommodation within the existing footprint of the hospital.

“Change has to happen, and hospitals are destined to grow, so this is how we are supporting the growing needs of QEII Hospital,” she said.

Last updated 23 July 2021
Last reviewed 20 May 2021

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