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Nursing Team on Ward 4B shows they ICARE2

17 November 2023

The nursing team of Ward 4B are in the spotlight for providing a remarkable example of resilience, teamwork and dedication which also underscores their ability to adapt and excel in the face of challenges.

Registered Nurse in the QEII Staff ICARE2 values award-winning team, Donna Pollard encapsulated the spirit of the award being for team performance and working together with purpose over the last 18 to 24 months.

“We have had a series of challenges and transitions, including periods with acting Nurse Unit Managers, but it didn’t interrupt the resolution of our Ward 4B nursing team from providing exceptional care to our patients,” Donna said.

Ward 4B stands out, not just for its patient care but also for the camaraderie among its staff; an essence that extends to supporting student nurses and allied health professionals.

"4B promotes a team nursing approach to patient care. Not only do nurses work together with their nurse buddy, but they volunteer to assist other nurses who may have a heavier patient load so that all nursing staff finish on time and walk out together at the end of the shift."

Donna also noted that the ward has a great reputation with graduate nurses who want to work within the team, despite the challenging nature of work with patients over the age of 65 for stroke and geriatric care.

Commendations for Ward 4B nursing highlight their collaboration within the multidisciplinary model of care to ensure that patients' voices are heard, which Donna says is a mainstay within the team.

 “We work together to be our patients' voice and advocate when they are unable to do so for themselves by liaising with multidisciplinary teams, the medical teams and escalating accordingly."

The commitment of Ward 4B doesn't stop at patient care. They champion the creation of a diverting environment within the ward, including the annual Christmas decorating competition, turning their ward into a festive haven for long-stay patients, staff, and visitors.

Ward 4B nursing’s Values award is a testament to the remarkable outcomes that unwavering teamwork, adaptability, and patient-centred care can bring. Their example is a source of inspiration and highlights the power of unity and dedication in delivering exceptional care.

Last updated 17 November 2023
Last reviewed 17 November 2023

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