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New nursing graduates form part of digital history

24 July 2019

Under their ambitious and caring exterior, these nursing graduates look the same as any others, but they hold a special place in history as the first cohort of graduate nurses to never use a paper medical chart.

With the entire Metro South Health service now digitalised, the nursing students admit they’ve only ever seen paper patient charts at University and never in the field throughout their training.

According to Griffith University Nursing Students, Rabha and Julia, the digitalisation of medical charts makes patient care much easier.

“The paper charts feel really old fashioned to us now and are quite time consuming when you need to source the charts then record the patient’s observations.

“It is an important skill to have though given that computers are not faultless and paper charts may be temporarily required or if we nurse at a hospital that has not gone digital,” they said.

This group of students will be the first to work exclusively in a digital environment during the course of their career.

“We feel it’s a privilege to be graduating at this time of change within the industry, it’s an exciting space.”

Last updated 24 July 2019
Last reviewed 24 July 2019

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