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Mental Health Nurse Navigator Andrew Jackson a beacon of hope

11 October 2017

Meet the man who is finding practical solutions for challenging behaviours and suicide for people who present to hospital with highly complex mental health conditions.

Nurse Navigator, Andrew Jackson said his 20 years of experience across the spectrum of mental health treatment had given him a passion to advocate for the human rights of individuals to be able to access specialised mental health care with a positive engagement focus.

His diverse experience across high secure forensic, correctional, youth and community services including general and psychiatric hospital placements have led him to a particular involvement with consumers from minority groups, indigenous cultural heritage, young people and clients involved with forensic backgrounds.

"The mandate is to provide caring and supportive access for people who understand what it means to have distressing suicidal thoughts or plans in order to improve outcomes for them once they have been formally assessed at Logan ED by Addiction and Mental Health Services."

This program and the role of the Nurse Navigator for mental health is illustrated by the personal account of a regular mental health attendee to the Logan ED.

D-, who is de-identified, said she felt like a nuisance through her regular presentations to the hospital after telling her GP she felt suicidal.

"I am usually sent home after assessment but not being able to get help made me feel alone and stuck, especially after a row with the kids at home," she said.

"Before getting help with Andy, I had lots of people all telling me what to do but I would get confused with their different advice so I would just hurt myself to cope.

"I felt like no one listened to me or knew how I felt."

Mr Jackson said the service was focussed on assisting patients with complex mental health needs to have quality of life and a better understanding of how the hospital and the various health care professionals along the journey could help with the support of family and friends.

Last updated 11 October 2017

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