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Looking at healthcare through a new lens

17 February 2017

As we move toward formal recognition as a person-centred organisation, the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) is partnering with consumers more than ever before.

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and Nursing Director Sandy Moss, believes that PAH’s focus on patient-centred care will result in patient, family and carer experiences that are authentic and collaborative, resulting in improved healthcare service experiences and outcomes.

“This year we held our first Partnering with Consumer Advisory Committee and we’re moving towards our very first Patient and Family Advisory Committee,” she said.

“These committees receive and consider patient feedback on everything we do and create opportunities to re-think how our services, our programs—and everything is provided.”

With extensive clinical experience, Ms Moss’ CXO role has enhanced the PAH’s focus on other aspects of healthcare such as communication, culture and emotions— which have a lasting impact on a person’s experience of PAH, its people and services.   

“The Chief Experience Officer is a critical portfolio role in the organisation that is centred on transformation that is responsive to our patient’s, families and carers preferences, needs and values,” she said.  

“Looking at things from a patient-centred care approach is like having a different lens on, focusing on the experience of staff, the experience of patients, and the experience of families.”

When asked what motivated her to take on the additional role, Ms Moss said it was the same motivation that led to her career in health.  

“I’m passionate about the patient experience and we’re at a time when we are changing the way we think about healthcare and our services,” she said.

“Ultimately, what drives me are the questions ‘Why are you doing this?’ and ‘How can you make a difference?’.”

Ms Moss said the PAH’s history of patient experience and patient-centred care had led towards seeking Planetree designation, which represented the highest level of achievement in patient-centred care based on evidence and standards.

Planetree is visiting PAH 6-9 March 2017, to see how the hospital is addressing the criteria. For more information staff can visit Planetree on QHEPS.

Last updated 17 February 2017
Last reviewed 17 February 2017

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