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Logan Midwives bid Birthing Suite a fond farewell

11 December 2018

Birth Suite has said goodbye to three of its most beloved midwives heading off for a life in retirement and taking with them more than 130 years of combined service to midwifery services.

Midwifery Unit Manager (MUM) Lisa Maher said the ladies had passed on an amazing amount of experience, knowledge and expertise over the year and wished them happiness in their retirement.

She said Birth Suite would not be the same without Ann Meadows, Rosemary Lappin and Anne Christian.

"Bridget Anne White also retried in March and she had 55 years in nursing and midwifery retiring at 72."

Anne Christian (left)

Service: 48 years as a nurse, 43 years a midwife and 23 years at Logan Hospital

"I’m going to enjoy travelling, spending more time with my grandchildren and in my garden."

Rosie Lappin (middle)

Service: 45 years as a nurse, 42 years as a midwife and 25 years at Logan Hospital

"I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It's the people you work with that makes the job so wonderful. We’ve been blessed. I’m pleased I’ve been able to stay here till I’m 69."

Ann Meadows (right)

Service: 52 years as a nurse, 48 years as a midwife and 11 years at Logan Hospital

"I just love all the people. You come to work every day and you enjoy your job. That’s what I will miss the most."

Last updated 12 December 2018

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