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Logan Hospital's Alex Olson turns 11 (again)

29 February 2024

Put your thinking caps on because we’ve got a riddle for you!!
Despite being born 44 years ago, Logan Hospital’s Alex Olson will celebrate her 11th birthday alongside her son this year. How is this possible?
You guessed it! Alex is a Leapling – born on 29 February in 1980.
The mental health social worker said this year's festivities were bound to be special, despite her son declining the suggestion of a joint birthday bash.
Alex shared her fondness for marking her 'true' birthday with something memorable and that she planned on starting a leap year birthday tradition this time around.
As a child, Alex said she eagerly anticipated her birthday celebrations on 28 February, unable to contain her excitement for even an extra day.
As an adult, she said she navigated non-leap years by celebrating both on 28 February and 1 March, while adding an extra celebration in on 29 February for the leap years.
Though she no longer calculated her age in quarters as she did in her youth, Alex said she approached age-related milestones with a different perspective.
"When I was younger, I certainly tallied up each quarter, but now it's harder to recall my actual age, let alone fractions," she joked.
Sharing memorable birthday memories, Alex said the most upsetting was her eighth, or her second 'official' birthday – that saw her party cancelled thanks to the arrival of Cyclone Charlie.
One of her happier memories was her 28th birthday (her seventh 'official' one), when her husband arranged a kid's party, complete with games and treats.
Although her birthday wasn’t always visible on the calendar, she said people tended to remember it which added significance to the occasion.
“If I could choose any date for my birthday it would probably be my due date of 14 February.
“But I’m pretty committed to being a Piscean so maybe not!”

Last updated 29 February 2024
Last reviewed 29 February 2024

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