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Let them drink tea

13 January 2020

As part of the Eat, Walk, Engage Program running across QEII Hospital, patients on Ward 2AM have been treated to their favourite hot drink which hasn’t been previously available.  

The project trialled a new product across the ward that can be added to any hot or cold drink to change the consistency.

“We consistently see patients on this ward who are on thickened fluids and we know they have very poor oral intake of fluid, so we wanted to find a way to up their intake in a way they enjoyed.

“The patient cohort here is of high risk of dehydration so they need the assistance and the encouragement to drink which is what you get when someone is providing it to you instead of just placed on a tray in front of them,” said Dietician Breony Kurtz.

The pre-packaged drinks were not able to be customised and did not cater for taste preferences or dietary requirements such as the need for soy milk.

“We had one patient in particular who just loved that she could now have her coffee on soy milk with sugar, she even drank it out of her favourite china mug.

“The experience really made her day, it was a bit of normality for her while she was in hospital and not feeling well,” she said.

Having the ability to change the consistency of any drink has enabled these patients to up their oral fluid intake in a way they enjoy.

“Our patients have been very receptive to the trial and have enjoyed the experience, so it is a product we are looking to roll out throughout the hospital for all patients on thickened fluids,” she said.

Last updated 21 January 2020
Last reviewed 13 January 2020

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