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Lead Bunker team locks down wellness at PAH

7 December 2023

PA Hospital’s Lead Bunker team at Radiation Therapy are boosting morale and putting smiles on faces with a number of feel-good initiatives that put the spotlight on staff wellbeing. With everything from Funky Scrub Fridays and Valentine’s Day appreciation cards, the team have gone the extra mile to support their peers and claimed the 2023 PAH Health Symposium Wellness Award for their efforts.

Radiation Therapist and Lead Bunker team co-founder, Minnie Brady says it all started when she identified a post-pandemic morale deficit in the team.

“When COVID started, morale was at an all-time low. We find we're always trying to make the place better for patients, but the staff sometimes get forgotten. All the background work we do can be mentally and emotionally taxing,” she said.

“It comes back to staff connecting with each other and maintaining those work relationships so we can do the best for our patients.”

With restrictions tightening and social events off the table, Minnie and her co-founder Daniel Hughes, rallied the team of seven to take a more creative approach to wellness. 

“With the support of our Director, we started doing soup days and crazy sock days, just trying anything we could think of to improve morale,” she said.

Before long, the hospital halls were lit up with Funky Scrub Fridays, a fun and inclusive initiative that boosts morale among both staff and patients and is now a highly popular tradition throughout the hospital.

“Funky Scrub Fridays turned out to be one of the most successful ideas we implemented. All the staff have gotten into it, and some even compete to see who has the best scrubs.

“If we're feeling happy, that happiness spills over to the patients. It’s a good opportunity to build rapport with them, and sometimes the patients join in too.” 

Assistant Director of Radiation Therapy and award nominator, Elizabeth Brown says the success of the Lead Bunker program is a testament to the group’s shared commitment to supporting their peers.

“The last few years have been really tough for many areas in the healthcare system, both at work and outside of work. This group was passionate about finding initiatives that worked within the boundaries of what we could and couldn't do at the time. Over time, it’s all the little things they do consistently that have helped the staff bond and also get through those tougher times,” she said. 

“The group does a lot of work in their own time to think of ideas and coordinate resources. All these things are being done in the background, and it’s because they truly have this passion to support our staff and bring them closer together and build their morale. I’m really inspired by what they do.”

With a pivotal shift in morale at the unit over the last three years, Minnie says the project was never about recognition, but about acknowledging and giving back to those who give their best to patients.

“As a department, we’re really patient-focused. The staff here always do their best to make the experience better for the patients, to support them better and deliver the best possible care that we can. That's a huge strength so that when these hard times do come, it remains our primary focus,” she said.

“The Lead Bunker project is really about filling our cups first, so that by the time you get to your patient, you're feeling good and you have enough energy to give to the patient.”

Congratulations to the whole team on a successful project, and thank you for your continued commitment to staff wellbeing. 

Last updated 29 January 2024
Last reviewed 7 December 2023

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