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International Emergency Nurses Day resuscitated the flash mob

11 October 2019

Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Emergency nurses resuscitated the flash mob this week, taking over the foyer with dance to celebrate International Emergency Nurses Day.

The team came together after shift and during lunchbreaks over several weeks to choreograph, practise and perform the compilation in celebration of their professional cohort.

Assistant Director of Nursing Emergency Department, Karen Taurima, said group initiatives such as this are a great way for the team to spend time together outside of work and build on their already strong and supportive culture.

“A key part of the dance was to celebrate International Emergency Nurses Day and all the great things that Emergency Nurses do every day as part of their role.

“It was great to have our medical, administration, security and allied health all get involved in the dance to support, not only Emergency Nurses Day, but all Emergency staff,” she said. 

The staff involved in this flash mob spent many days and nights rehearsing in their own time, often taking over the foyer after dark to practise the performance on the ‘stage’.  

“It was a lot of fun being involved and getting to know each other even more outside of work.

“One of the best things about working in ED is the team work between all disciplines to ensure patients get the best treatment and the hospital flows well, it’s challenging but so rewarding,” said Karen.

Emergency Department Registered Nurse, Moz Abdul, was a major part of the project consisting of 44 PA staff members.

“As emergency staff, we are all experts in organised chaos, so everybody was able to adapt very quickly!

“I love being an emergency nurse because I know I am making a significant impact on a stranger’s life every day and there is never a dull moment in ED, you never know what you will find behind the curtain,” said Moz.  

As for ED Nurse Tamara Casperson, one of the greatest assets of the job is the incredible team.

“There are a lot of things I could say about the love of being an emergency nurse including the relationships we develop with not only our fellow ED nurses but doctors, physios, wardies, security, admin and allied health.

“The commitment and support we have to each other truly is represented in this flash mob,” she said.  

International Emergency Nurses Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday in October each year.

There are 180 nurses, 96 doctors and 45 other support staff within the Emergency Department at PA Hospital.

Last updated 15 October 2019
Last reviewed 11 October 2019

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