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Interim Admission Centre working well through Transit Care Hub

30 April 2022

The Transit Care Hub at PA Hospital is trailing a new model of care called the Interim Admission Centre (IAC) which is proving to be an enormous benefit to patient flow through the Emergency Department to ward beds and reducing wait time for patients requiring admission.

Nurse Unit Manager of Transit Care Hub, Madhu Permal, said the eight IAC beds commenced in November 2021 with temporary Care for Queensland funding and quantitative evaluation was currently underway with hopes of extending the funding beyond June 30.

“We know it is working well because we are getting so much positive feedback from patients and clinicians already,” Madhu said.  “Everyone loves IAC!

“The most valuable feedback we have received from Emergency patients is that they see this as a positive move in their admission rather than a longer wait in the Emergency Department. But also, for those who are being discharged from the ward via the Transit Care Hub while discharge planning is finalised, they are excited to be on the move towards home.”

The model focuses on:

  • reducing length of stay in Emergency,
  • managing inter-hospital transfers that have no clinical need for management from Emergency on the way to a bed,
  • reducing the wait for patients being admitted from Emergency,
  • improving bed utilisation hours and
  • safe management of unplanned admissions from outpatients.

The model focuses on admission of patients who are clinically stable from any patient cohort, within any division, for any type of admission provided they fit within the IAC admisisons criteria. This differs from other models such as MAPU which caters for criteria-based general medicine patients.

A key advantage of this model is the widened scope of the patient cohort, supported by upskilled staff in Transit Care Hub, who are now able to support all divisions by commencing the admsision process and treatments in the IAC beds to reduce delays. 

Madhu said there are two key priorities for her when implementing the Interim Admission Centre in her unit.

“Patient satisfaction is key; the patients are already providing really valuable feedback that they are very satisfied with their interim admission through Transit and this affirms what we are doing.  The second most important indicator for me is how much we can help Emergency,” she said.

“My first task on arrival on a Monday morning is to look at the Emergency Department to see who is awaiting a bed for admission so that we can pull those patients through to the IAC beds as soon as possible to prevent them staying any longer in ED.

“IAC beds are funded from 7am to 11pm on business days and it is my absolute goal to have every single hour of those beds filled to capacity to assist with patient flow.”

Last updated 3 May 2022
Last reviewed 30 April 2022

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