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Inspiring the next generation of nurses

2 June 2023

Inspiring nurse leader Glenyss Tronoff has pursued the final frontier to convince at least one of her children to take on the rewarding profession of nursing, and won!

A nurse for over 30 years, Glenyss was part of the final group to go through nursing training at PA Hospital while ‘living-in’ the nursing quarters. 

For her, nursing was in the family.  

“I had a lot of friends and family who were nurses who encouraged me to join the profession vowing that ‘I would love it’.

“After some initial hesitations, (probably the uniform hats) I started my training and I did love it,” she said.

Glenyss later went back to university to get her degree and has gone on to succeed in her nursing career, inspiring generations of nursing trainees along the way. 

But that important career goal still alluded her, ‘convert’ one of her own children into the nursing profession.

“After failed attempts with two of my children, my youngest daughter Olivia was my last chance and while she also took some convincing, Olivia eventually took on the mantle,” Glenyss said. 

Olivia is currently in her second year of nursing training and wrapped up her placement at QEII this month. 

“Mum convinced me that nursing was a great career and I have always been drawn to careers where you are caring for people.

“After first year, I liked it but wasn’t convinced…five years later I went back because I just wanted to finish my degree,” Olivia said.  

“I’m so glad I did because I’m really enjoying it! I think it was a maturity thing and I’m very interested in paediatrics and caring for children.”

With a full Digital Hospital baptism, Glenyss says Olivia and her contemporaries are on their way to being the face of the next generation of nurses.

“Nursing has changed so much since the days of training while in the nursing quarters,” Glenyss said. “It is more professional, there are areas to specialise, and the introduction of digital records has completely changed everything.

“It’s an exciting time in history to be a nurse.”

Last updated 2 June 2023
Last reviewed 31 May 2023

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