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Image-ination with imaging in plastics

30 August 2019

The emerging role of radiologists in clinically applied digital innovation will be explored at the TRI Innovation Summit this September.

PA Hospital Deputy Director of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Michael Wagels, knows the importance of a high quality radiology service.

“Whilst the digital innovation space isn’t confined to radiology, it all begins with acquiring a high quality digital image; which is the hallmark of radiology.

“As digital technology becomes more accessible, its potential to provide a direct clinical benefit to a given patient may be limited if due attention is not paid to the radiology and how it is performed,” Dr Wagels said.

In his role as the Director of the Australian Centre for Complex Integrated Surgical Solutions (ACCISS), Dr Wagels is exploring ways to utilise the latest technologies in clinical cases to achieve more consistent outcomes or make the impossible, possible.

An example of this is Reuben Lichter’s case from 2017.

“Reuben was my first foray into virtual surgical planning and bioengineered tissue replacement in a clinical case. It was a situation that would have normally required amputation of the leg. With the help of technology and the right team to use it, we were able to perform the world’s first bioengineered 3D-printed bone transplant into his leg and the results have been incredible,” said Dr Wagels.

“My presentation at the Innovation Summit will show more examples of what is surgically achievable and how relevant radiology is to that.

“We are continually progressing and have been working on a few cases that demonstrate a wide range of innovative outputs at the end of digital workflow. This Hospital is fertile ground for clinically applied digital innovation, and we’ve got a good feel for where ACCISS and TRI can fit in.

“We want clinicians to understand that ACCISS is there to help them apply digital innovations to cases where good outcomes with conventional treatments are unpredictable or impossible; The better they understand what is out there and how radiology fits in to the workflow, the more we can achieve for our patients,” said Dr Wagels.

Dr Wagels will present at session one of the Innovation Summit on September 10.

The Role of Imaging in clinically applied digital innovation exploring the topic of Imaging for Complex Surgical PlanningBook your ticket here.

Last updated 30 August 2019
Last reviewed 30 August 2019

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