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ICU celebrates 400th Transition Support Program graduate

9 September 2020

PA Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has reached a major training milestone with Registered Nurse Aya Torbey becoming the 400th person to successfully complete its Transition Support Program (TSP) for novice ICU clinicians.

Nurse Educator Petra Strube said TSP was designed to support new ICU nurses to develop the advanced skills necessary to deliver quality care to patients in the department.

"The program orientates trainees to ICU and involves completing clinical assessments, assignments, and workbooks, and provides advanced standing equivalent to 50 percent of the units required for a postgraduate certificate in intensive/critical care at either QUT or Griffith University,” she said.

“We cover all aspects of ICU care including patient assessment, ventilation, and haemodynamic and ECG monitoring to look after traumatic brain injury patients for example. We provide a comprehensive introduction to all things ICU from a novice perspective.”

Ms Strube said TSP trainees are well supported and constantly engage in practical learning.

“TSP provides a good link between theory and practice and we provide support for trainees every day of the week. Two educators and clinical facilitators run the program and trainees can call on us at any time.”

TSP graduate Aya Torbey said her training experience has given her confidence working in ICU.

“There was a lot for me to learn coming from the wards, but I felt really supported by everyone here. There were two assignments, three assessment days, and lots of activity modules we had to complete over one year. The Transition Program is challenging but the Education Team Nurses are really supportive in helping you finish it.”

Ms Torbey said she had enjoyed her experience on the program so much she was now intending to undertake further studies at University.

“Transition Program has been a good starting point in my further education journey in Nursing, and I hope to continue it with postgraduate studies at Griffith University next year.”

Last updated 11 September 2020
Last reviewed 9 September 2020

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