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Gavin’s road recovery from life-changing trauma

7 August 2019

Suffering horrific injuries in a workplace incident earlier this year, Gavin Boekel is now on the road to recovery at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and coming to terms with the incident that almost cost his life.

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Peter Gifford, was quick to assess Gavin on his arrival to PAH via helicopter.

“Gavin was in a critical condition with very severe injuries and needed emergency specialist care immediately on arrival at PAH.

“His legs received significant soft tissue injuries, he had lost a lot of blood at the scene and during transport to hospital, so we needed to prevent him from further bleeding before we could stabilise his soft tissue and skeletal injuries,” he said.

Gavin, a farmer from Coleyville south of Brisbane, became trapped inside a grain crusher and suffered serious injuries resulting in the amputation of his left leg. 

“Basic things that I could do before are now about one hundred times harder, but I have to push through the rehabilitation for my family,” said Gavin. 

“I’ve got three young girls that I will have to walk down the aisle one day, so I guarantee I will walk again.”

Dr Gifford commended Gavin’s positive spirit and the bright future he is paving with every step in his rehabilitation.

“Gavin is a fit young man and to see him sustain an injury like this is quite upsetting for the clinical team, but this is what we do day-to-day in our trauma department. 

“He has an excellent attitude and everyone who has worked with him has been very pleased to be working with someone who is so positive. His injuries are still stabilising, and he has a long way to go but things are very positive for Gavin,” said Dr Gifford.

Trauma presentations account for a big part of the PAH Emergency Department patient load. The first half of 2019 was a busy one for the PAH Trauma Department with three high profile patients requiring amputations from workplace incidents over the course of 5 weeks including Gavin.

Last updated 9 August 2019
Last reviewed 9 August 2019

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