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From trash to treasure – PA Medical Records/Scanning Unit taking charge on sustainability

11 February 2021

From milk bottles to ink cartridges, there is no stopping the Medical Records and Scanning Team at PA Hospital from turning waste from everyday items into something useful.

Scanning Unit Team Leader, Shaun Richardson, saw the amount of waste produced by the unit and knew they could be doing more.

“In the past couple of years, we have started introducing different initiatives throughout the office from simple things like shredding and recycling paper to collecting plastic lids.

“We are lucky to have such a motivated team who are always looking for ways to recycle and live sustainably both at home and in the office,” said Shaun.

The busy unit contacted Environmental Services for some extra support to find other ways to recycle stationary items.

“We found that everything we use, even whiteout tape containers, can be recycled.

“Luckily, a member of our team, Neelima, took it upon herself to take the containers home and her kids helped her open them up and remove the plastic tape so our team could easily recycle the casing,” he said.

Medical Records admin officer Liam, has taken the lead in both the Containers for Change and Lids for Kids efforts, collecting up the piles and taking them to depots.

“Once there are a few bags of clean containers, I take them home, crush them and deposit them at a depot near home.

“Karolina now runs a competition to see who in the team can correctly guess the number of containers recycled then we use the remaining money for a team activity or team snacks,” said Liam.

Plastic lids are dropped off at Iona College where they are then donated to help create artificial limbs for children.

Metal ring tops are also collected and donated to a local veterinary clinic where they are used to create artificial limbs for cats and dogs.

PAH is leading the way with sustainable changes to combat single-use waste in the healthcare sector and this example from the office environment is contributing to the mission.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your unit or department can implement sustainability initiatives in your office, contact Environmental Services.

Last updated 11 February 2021
Last reviewed 11 February 2021

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