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Donor milk like liquid gold for Special Care Nursery

13 June 2018

Some babies decide they are ready for their official entrance into the world whether mum - and her milk - are ready or not.

And now, thanks to a brand new arrangement with the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Milk Bank, premmie babies born at Logan Hospital will have access to pasteurised donor human milk as part of a new ongoing service available in the Special Care Nursery.

Lactation Consultant Debbie Olsen said some new mums, particularly those who have had premature babies, were unable to immediately produce breast milk.

“At Logan Hospital we care for babies from 32 weeks and some mums who have birthed their babies early struggle with their milk.

“We like mums to provide their own milk but in cases where they can’t get enough, we can now provide donor milk which is easier to digest than formula for a premmie baby’s fragile gut and helps them grow better.”

Debbie said human milk also helped protect babies from infection while reducing the risk of some complications associated with feeding.

She said babies weighing under 1500g and born under 35 weeks were able to access pasteurised donor human milk until mum’s own milk production increased.

“Once mum is producing enough we can decrease the amount of donor milk we give them,” she said.

“This will now be an ongoing service in our Special Care Nursery.”

Debbie said mothers who had an abundant supply of breast milk and who met strict screening guidelines were able to donate their milk free of charge.

She said the milk was then pasteurised to minimise the risk of passing on infections to babies and then frozen in small amounts ready for use when needed.

Last updated 13 June 2018
Last reviewed 13 June 2018

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