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Dishing out biodegradable options at QEII Hospital

24 May 2019

In a major win for the environment, QEII Hospital has introduced a new sustainably and structurally superior kidney dish made from cardboard.

Nurse Unit Manager of Orthopaedics, Anne Chiverall, said the move will have great impact on the environment given the volume and frequency in which the dishes are used with patients.  

“We use single-use kidney shaped dishes every day with every patient to give injections, to clean wounds, transfer medications, collect soiled bandages and dressings, and the list goes on,’ she said.

“The move to a biodegradable product for something so readily used in the hospital is strongly backed by our team.”

Ms Chiverall said the new recyclable dish was performing better on the ward than the previous plastic version which had already replaced a hard-plastic non-recyclable version in 2016.  

“The original blue dish is quite flimsy, but this new alternative is more stable and more secure for nurses to carry equipment to patients,” she said.

“It is also another step in the right direction in abolishing single use plastics from QEII.” 

The new kidney dishes can be easily recycled on the ward by simply using the regular recycling bins.

Community Garden and Recycling Consultant Renae McBrien said the move demonstrated the long-term investment by QEII into sustainability. 

“We are showcasing commitment to our environmental responsibility in the health industry by making investments like this, to take a stand against single use plastics,” she said.  

“The hospital staff are continuing to look at ways we can remove unsustainable single-use items from our wards including initiatives like PVC and metal recycling.”

Last updated 24 May 2019
Last reviewed 24 May 2019

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