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Dedicated PA Researcher awarded coveted Research Fellowship

5 April 2023

Dedicated researcher and PA Hospital Dementia and Delirium CNC, Dr Fred Graham, has secured funding for his first fellowship through Metro South Health Research.

The coveted $300k Metro South Health SERTA Future Research Leader Fellowship allows Dr Graham and his team to continue research into improving hospital care for people the dementia and delirium and follows-on from his already impressive body of research.

“As of this month, I am able to dedicate a chunk of my time to research, which is so valuable.

“Thanks to the fellowship, three days each week of my clinical time will be quarantined for this research project which will investigate pain-related agitation and differentiate it from other agitation through their response to analgesia treatment,” said Dr Graham.

This latest longitudinal study will observe agitated hospital patients over time to identify these features.  

“A lack of a reliable method for recognising pain-related agitation is a barrier to researching the effectiveness of analgesia as treatment for agitation.

“Throughout this study, these features will be described and differentiated from other clinical features providing a way to identify pain-related agitation.”

Dr Graham’s research up to this point identified a gap in clinical practice and research evidence about recognition of such pain-related behaviour.

“Research is urgently required to address this gap as high rates of harm from agitation are experienced by both patients and staff.

“More effective management of agitation will lead to better patient outcomes and less occupational violence, contributing to a more productive, safe, and engaged acute-care nursing and multidisciplinary workforce,” he said.

Metro South Health Research is committed to the development of a culture of excellence in research and fostering and retaining the next generation of research leaders within MSH.

The Fellowship aims to support the development of the Applicant in leading translational research in the organisation and, importantly, it facilitates Dr Graham’s development from early career researcher to an expert clinician-academic under the mentorship and esteemed guidance of Professor Ruth Hubbard at the Centre for Health services Research (UQ)

The Fellowship will enable protected research time to accelerate knowledge translation within the field and add weight to his track record.

Last updated 5 April 2023
Last reviewed 5 April 2023

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