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Clinical Services Excellence Team takes top eHealth award

8 June 2018

Metro South’s Clinical Services Excellence Team (CSET) has won eHealth’s eAward of the Year for helping to integrate new computer-based interactive reports (dashboards) into ‘business as usual’ practice.

CSET Director Vikki Goldup said the multi-source dashboards used digital hospital data to measure hospital performance against Australia’s 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

“The dashboards were developed in an earlier project led by the Healthcare Innovation and Transformation Excellence Collaboration and Clinical Informatics, and we’ve been given the task of making them available for use at each Metro South Health hospital,” she said.

Ms Goldup said Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) was the first hospital to use the dashboards, which were developed to improve patient safety and care, and cover issues such as preventing falls, medication safety and appropriate blood product handling.

“The PAH Standards Committees have started to use the dashboards to identify any areas of concern and to celebrate areas of good practice,” she said.  

“It offers the opportunity for staff to work together to make sure all key clinical tasks are happening as planned.

“The Standards Committees can see if a unit or division has really great results in a certain area and that can be shared to others to help them improve.”

With all Metro South Health hospitals set to be digital by the end of June 2018, Ms Goldup said the new reporting system would be rolled out across the service.

“It took creativity, trailblazing and teamwork to see the dashboards implemented as a ‘business as usual’ model and I’d like to thank everyone involved,” she said.

“This award win isn’t just for CSET, it’s for Clinical Informatics, all the Standard Leads in the hospital who champion great practice, the Executive and for all the staff who see the value in reporting on our actions and improving the care we provide.

“We will eventually see this new model rolled out across Australia, as more and more hospitals embrace digital systems.”

Last updated 26 September 2018
Last reviewed 8 June 2018

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