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Ceremony held to co-name new Redlands Satellite Hospital

25 August 2023

Talwalpin Milbul. That's the First Nations co-name of the new Redlands Satellite Hospital following a ceremony held last week.
Chosen by the Redlands Coast community in consultation with Traditional Owners, local Elders and community members, Talwalpin Milbul means ‘Redland Bay Alive/Active’ in Jandai, the language of the Traditional Owners of the Quandamooka Region which includes most of the land and waters on the Redland Coast.
Co-naming the new satellite hospitals with a local First Nations name is part of the Queensland Government’s ongoing commitment to recognising Queensland’s shared history on the pathway towards reconciliation.
Chief Executive Noelle Cridland said Metro South Health valued its relationships with the region’s First Nations peoples and was proud to co-name this new Satellite Hospital Talwalpin Milbul in recognition of their history, culture and identity.
"We are also proud of the work we continue to do across Metro South Health to provide sustainable, culturally safe and responsive healthcare services, and to ensure our services are equitable and accessible for all people."

Last updated 14 November 2023
Last reviewed 25 August 2023

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