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Capacity expansion in QEII Hospital Emergency

16 April 2019

QEII Hospital (QEII) Emergency has increased both capacity and clinicians in response to increasing demand from the local community.

The Short Stay Unit within the Emergency Department (ED) has increased by four treatment areas to a total of 12 with eight beds and four chairs.

Director of QEII ED, Dr Edward Pink said that the additional spaces will be staffed 16 hours a day by reorganising the nursing model in ED.

“After a two-month trial, these extra spaces have improved how quickly we are able to see our patients which is improving overall efficiency in the Emergency Department. 

“Admissions to Short Stay have increased from an average of 196 to 267 patients per week from November 2018 to February 2019 which is helping our treatment time enormously,” Dr Pink said.

In addition, staffing will increase by one and a half full time junior doctors, bolstering the number of clinicians on the floor treating patients at their time of need.

“These doctors will be a welcome addition to the ED team which is coping with increased presentations and the unprecedented demand spike that was felt across the south-east last month,” he said.

“What is important for the QEII Emergency team is to be part of the solution to growing demand in our Metro South Health catchment so we can assist to share the load and provide quicker and better care for our patients when they need us.”

He said that funding for the doctors will be met by QEII operational budget and following on from the Metro South Health ED Forum held in February, QEII will continue to innovate with more solutions for the needs of the local community as the busy winter season draws near.

Last updated 16 April 2019
Last reviewed 16 April 2019

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