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Brothers intern at PAH

25 January 2018

After graduating from medicine together, this year two brothers are both launching their medical careers at the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH).

Originally from Iraq, it’s been a long journey for medical interns 26-year-old Ahmed Mahmoud and 24-year-old Ali Abbosh who couldn’t speak English when they came to Australia in 2005.  

“It was very difficult initially, especially to adapt to a new country and a new environment but we pulled through together,” Ahmed said.

“I can still remember my first day of school and how I couldn’t understand a thing the teacher was saying,” Ali said.

But that didn’t stop them from excelling academically.

“From the start we’ve had each other to study with, first with English and then with med school and now with our intern year,” Ahmed said.

Ali said they could both be a little competitive but that it only spurred them to try harder. 

“It’s great to have live-in study partner that you can discuss and debate topics with and practice with at any time of the week,” Ali said.  

The siblings hoped to add another chapter to their shared journey by specialising in surgery and anaesthetics.

“Our first year we’ll be trying out a few different areas, but Ali’s leaning towards anaesthetics and I’m thinking surgery,” Ahmed said.

“Maybe one day we’ll be treating patients together,” Ali said.

For their first rotation, Ahmed was at QEII Hospital in general medicine and Ali was in colorectal surgery at PAH.

The brothers were among 749 medical interns who launched their careers in Queensland Health this month.

Last updated 25 January 2018
Last reviewed 25 January 2018

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