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Bigger smiles for Metro South Health denture patients

30 October 2014

Did you know Metro South Oral Health provides free denture services at all its adult dental clinics to eligible patients? This includes full or partial dentures, acrylic or chrome-cobalt dentures.

Dr Helen Boocock, Director of Metro South Oral Health said having a denture to replace some or all of your missing teeth can help restore your ability to chew your foods, improve your appearance and can also help with your occlusion or ‘bite’, so that your remaining natural teeth are not doing all the work when you are eating.

“You don’t need a lot of missing teeth to have a denture. There are partial dentures, where a person has some of their natural teeth remaining and ‘full dentures’ where a denture replaces all the natural teeth,” Dr Boocock said.

“Dentures take between four to six visits usually a week or two apart. Special impressions or moulds are taken of the mouth and the denture is made from using models that are made from these impressions

“The various stages or appointments for dentures allows the dentist or prosthetist to check the dimensions of your mouth and select the right materials, right tooth colour and tooth shape.

“Dentures need replacing from time to time, typically every 6 to 9 years. It is really important even if you have full dentures (no natural teeth) that you have your dentures and your mouth regularly checked to ensure there are no infections or problems.”

Marooka resident and denture patient Rudolph Dybka recently had his first dentures completed and said he couldn’t be happier.

“I had my dentures fitted after having my last tooth removed at QEII Hospital and was surprised how easy it was to book my appointments,” he said.

“The quality of the treatment was first-rate and my wife and I found the staff were so efficient and courteous, especially Ann, she has been amazing!

“My dentures were a little uncomfortable at first, but I just called up and they were re-adjusted and felt perfect afterwards.

“Since then, my follow-up appointments have been really easy and I can speak easier and now enjoy more foods that I like.”

Dr Boocock said dentures can also assist in keeping your cheeks and lips full to give a more youthful appearance.

“When we lose teeth our cheeks and lips can sometimes look at bit ‘sunken’ which can make us look older than we are,” Dr Boocock said.

“We see patients who get fitted with dentures and rave about the foods they can now eat and how much easier it is for them to speak. We notice a remarkable difference in their self-esteem too which improves their quality of life.

“We recommend, even if you don’t have any of your natural teeth, that a dentist checks your mouth (your lips, cheeks, gums and palate) every two years, to make sure your mouth is healthy.

“Keep in mind if you lose a lot of weight your dentures may become loose (a bit like your clothes), so it’s important that dentures are as good a fit as possible, as they can cause trauma and ulcers to a mouth or dislodge if they are loose. This is why it’s important to get check-ups every two years.

“If you have existing dentures, our dentists can check your dentures for you, and let you know how healthy they and your mouth are.”

To check your eligibility or to enquire about free dentures phone the Metro South Oral Health Hub on 1300 300 850.

Did you know?

  • Dentures were first made centuries ago out of wood, animal bone, ivory, animal teeth, human teeth and later porcelain
  • Women tend to have slightly lighter more rounded natural teeth and men tend to have slightly larger, less rounded teeth
  • If a person looses a lot of weight their dentures may become loose (a bit like their clothes)
  • Dentures may need replacing every 6-9 years
Last updated 7 December 2015
Last reviewed 6 March 2015

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