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A Stepping Stone partnership to the workforce

2 December 2022

Anyone who meets Rhys Fenn always leaves with a positive comment about his work ethic and his engaging way with people. 

Rhys, Team Leader in Porterage (Furniture and Gas) at PA Hospital, was offered employment through a partnership with Stepping Stone, a membership-based community of people with mental illness dedicated to rebuilding their lives. 

Through hard work, diligence, and a supportive environment Rhys has not just stepped, but jumped into the opportunity and changed his life. 

“From where I have been to where I am now, I have aspired to and achieved so many goals. I’m so proud of myself for every single one of them,” Rhys said.  

The Stepping Stone partnership is a part of PAH’s commitment to workplace diversity, recognising the talents and value that people with a disability can bring to the workforce and the importance of meaningful work for those on the road to recovery. 

The Transitional Employment (TE) program provides structure and routine, and creates a safe space for Stepping Stone members to interact with people, but also achieve daily successes. 

PAH is privileged to be able to offer the opportunity for those on who have completed the TE program the possibility of ongoing employment to reduce the economic isolation those with mental illness regularly face.  

The feeling of empowerment that comes with stable employment in a supportive environment that is tailored to his needs is key part of the recovery journey for Rhys. He says that this partnership created a space that allowed him to grow mentally and physically. 

“Being able to step into higher positions and have the opportunity to learn new things helps me provide support to those around me. This means I can also make a better person of myself. 

“I love waking up every morning and coming to work. It’s the best thing I do.”

Characteristic of his selflessness, Rhys encourages those struggling with mental illness to seek support.   

“Anyone out there who is going through mental health struggles can reach out through work or through another support organisation. I decided to reach out when I needed help, instead of keeping silent and look how far I’ve come.”

Last updated 2 December 2022
Last reviewed 2 December 2022

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