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A Cinematic Stand Against Domestic Violence

30 May 2024

In recognition of Domestic and Family Violence Awareness Month, Dyana Amaya MSH Senior Social Worker, DFV Workforce Specialist and Catherine Walsh PAH Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator, arranged a poignant film viewing of "The Last Drop".

The screening served as a vital platform to raise awareness about the harrowing realities of coercive control and domestic violence. Followed by a Q&A that prompted insightful discussions and heartfelt reflections, the event aimed to shed light on the subtle yet pervasive nature of abusive behaviours within intimate relationships. 

This years’ event highlighted the importance of adopting innovative approaches, such as utilising cinema, to engage diverse audiences and spark meaningful conversations.  

"It's something completely different that we haven’t done before to raise awareness,” says Catherine 

 “I'm hoping that this different format can actually encourage a wider group of people to come and hear the important message."  

The films’ futuristic lens prompted deeper introspection on interactions in relationships, as Dyana highlighted, "When people look back on their history deeply, they might realise more truths to their memories. Maybe it is not a happy memory and instead behavior of coercion overlooked in the present moment."  

Moreover, the event spotlighted the pivotal role of healthcare providers in identifying and addressing domestic violence within clinical settings.  

"There are many health consequences of domestic violence, both at the time but long-lasting," says Dyana. 

It's important when disclosures occur within a health setting that clinicians can respond safely and appropriately.  

“A single inquiry could potentially transform a victim's trajectory towards healing and safety.” 

The conversation extended beyond individual interactions, advocating for systemic support mechanisms to empower healthcare professionals in their response to domestic violence disclosures. 

"The work continues beyond this month," says Catherine. 

"The goal is that the more we do this work, the more equipped and knowledgeable we become." 

As the event ended, Catherine and Dyana reaffirmed the commitment to combat domestic and family violence beyond the confines of a designated awareness month.

Highlighting ongoing initiatives such as Darkness to Daylight, both addressed the collective responsibility across MSH in fostering a culture of empathy, support, and intervention. In nurturing a community-wide dialogue, the hope is to dismantle the pervasive silence surrounding domestic violence, fostering a future where every individual feels empowered to seek help and support. 

Last updated 30 May 2024
Last reviewed 30 May 2024

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