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A bloody good challenge

18 April 2024

As Lifeblood donation champions at Metro South Health, we already know about the importance of donated blood in healthcare settings. For Rhys Fenn, Porterage Team Leader at Princess Alexandra Hospital, it meant saving his daughter's life. 

Rhys has rolled up his sleeves for the very first time and gladly donated whole blood at the PAH donation site. 

"I have been wanting to donate for a while, but after the birth of my daughter I just had to do it."

Having been born four and a half weeks early, Rhys's daughter Calliope, needed some extra support on her entry into the world. 

"I wanted to repay the donations from people who had helped Calliope. Being in that situation is scary, and I wanted to help others who went through what we did.

"I'd love to help other kids coming into this world". 

Lifeblood has reported an increase in the number of first time donors this year bringing a new feeling of excitement at this years' Health Services Blood Drive. 

This 8 April to 30 June, count yourself in for the Lifeblood Health Services Blood Drive and contribute to the showcase of just how integral blood donations are in supporting all kinds of health conditions.

Did you know how much blood products have been used across MSH so far?
•    PA Hospital – red cells (2,600 units), platelets (700 units) and plasma (829)
•    Logan Hospital – red cells (563 units), platelets (54 units) and plasma (176 units)
•    Redlands – red cells (196 units), platelets (10 units) and plasma (23 units)
•    QEII – red cells (356 units), platelets (17 units) and plasma (122 units)

Special thanks to all MSH staff rolling up their sleeves to support the Lifeblood campaign.

Last updated 18 April 2024
Last reviewed 18 April 2024

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