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Measles Alert for Brisbane and Springwood

Queensland Health has been notified about a measles infection in Brisbane's southside area at Springwood Road State School on Wednesday 7 February.

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Warning about wading in floodwaters

Metro South Public Health Physician, Dr Mark Stickley says people should be careful of the dangers lurking in floodwater as the flooding recedes and clean-up efforts get underway across t

Public Health Unit issues bat warning

Metro South Health’s Public Health Unit is reminding residents not to touch or pick up bats and flying foxes, even if they appear sick or injured.

Do you want to be a citizen scientist?

Round 13 of Zika Mozzie Seeker will commence shortly, and is a perfect weekend or after-school activity. It’s free, quick and simple to take part in. Zika Mozzie Seeker aims to increase confidence that ‘Zika mozzies’ (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus) have not invaded our region.

Brian Montgomery - Zika Mozzie Seeker

Mosquitoes are no match for MSH medical entomologist Brian Montgomery!

When people think of health services, they often don’t think of insects… but here at Metro South Health, we have our very own entomologist, Brian Montgomery, who specialises in the study of insects.

Public Health Alert Hepatitis A cases in Acacia Ridge

Metro South Public Health Unit is managing three confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in Acacia Ridge on Brisbane’s South including cases of local transmission.

Supermarket prosecuted for possession and sale of vaporisers containing nicotine

Metro South Public Health Unit has successfully prosecuted Zam Zam Supermarket in Kuraby for possession and sale of personal vaporisers (vapes) containing nicotine.

Winter Respiratory Viruses Sentinel Surveillance Program volunteers Zakkiya Khan and Debbie Henry

Winter Warrior results are in

Over 300 volunteers in the Metro South region took up the call to join the Winter Respiratory Viruses Sentinel Surveillance Program to help identify what respiratory viruses were lurking

Don’t touch bats

The Metro South Public Health Unit (MSPHU) is reminding the public not to approach, touch or handle distressed or dead bats following recent reports of injuries caused by bats.

interprofessional recognition team award 2022 PHU MSOH

The partnership that stood the test of time to win the Interprofessional recognition award

A chance meeting in March 2020 between the Metro South Public Health Unit (MSPHU) and Metro South Oral Health (MSOH) to discuss office space and the expansion of MSPHU to respond to COVID-19 led to an interprofessional collaboration that has spanned two years and contributed to the success of the COVID-19 contact tracing team in Metro South Health.