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10,000 Steps to victory for QEII Finance

10 June 2024

It was 10,000 steps to victory for QEII Hospital’s Financial Services Revenue team, who stepped their way into first place for Metro South in Queensland Health’s 10,000 Steps Challenge last month. 

Clocking in an overall daily average of 19,000 steps per person and an incredible overall score of 4,665,626 for the month of May, the Show me the Money team stepped into a league of their own, claiming bragging rights and a $5,000 professional development prize pack that saw them living up to their team name. 

Fuelled by a healthy dose of competitive team spirit and motivational daily inspo, Team Captain Carmen Beerman says the win was a concerted effort that was about much more than titles. 

“As we get older, we’re more mindful of our health, our mobility and metabolism. That motivated us to do those extra steps and really look at what we are doing on a day-to-day basis to keep ourselves healthy, both physically and mentally,” she said. 

Making the switch from Food Services to Finance just seven months ago, Carmen says the 10K was the perfect team exercise, both in fitness-building and culture-building. 

“Coming from a Food Service and Dietician background, I’m always thinking about how I can maintain my health and fitness for as long as I can. Sitting behind a desk eight hours a day really pushed us all to do activity outside of work,” she explained. 

“We are a relatively new team, but everyone is so nice and inspiring. If there’s a problem, everyone chips in to help. Doing the 10K together has really strengthened that supportive culture in the team.” 

With some seasoned step challengers in the squad, the team took some extra-ordinary measures to beat their daily targets, from making the most of gym memberships and home treadmills, to circling bedrooms at bedtime and lunchtime walks around the hospital. 

“Our manager Karen Sharpe is a gym fanatic, and she was averaging ~35,000 steps a day. That motivated the rest of us to push ourselves to set new goals, from 10,000 steps to 15,000 to 20,000. Once we set a goal, it helped us focus our mindset on achieving that each day.” 

Taking another positive step forward, the team’s remarkable feat has evolved from daily challenge to daily routine, a testament to building healthy habits in the office environment.

“I am so proud of our team. For a team of admin staff whose roles are office-bound and sitting behind a desk to compete with teams who are on their feet all day, just shows how everyone in this team has given 100% to the step challenge.” 

Congratulations to the whole team on this step-tastic achievement: Carmen Beerman, Karen Sharpe, Karen Mazzaferro, Rebecca Tudman, Tracy Hanscomb, Jamie Brosnan, Gemma Dickie and Paula Dry. 

Last updated 10 June 2024
Last reviewed 10 June 2024

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