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Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre

The Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre (QTMHC) is a statewide service which provides an information, referral, resource and clinical consultation service. Services are provided free of charge.

The QTMHC's mission is to work in partnership with mental health services, ethnic communities and other agencies to improve the quality, accessibility and appropriateness of services and promote the mental health and wellbeing of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Queensland. As a resource unit, the QTMHC has an ongoing and strategic role in assisting Queensland's mental health services in the areas of planning, service delivery and review.

We can assist if you:

  • wish to organise a culturally appropriate assessment and/or psychoeducation for a consumer and/or their family members
  • require transcultural mental health training for your staff
  • need specific cultural information for a consumer or cultural group you are working with
  • wish to organise a workshop on a particular mental health issue in your community
  • are looking for books, articles and resources on transcultural mental health issues
  • need advice on cross-cultural issues.

Services we offer

  • Clinical consultation
  • Consumer and carer participation
  • Statewide Multicultural Mental Health Coordinator (MMHC) program
  • Mental Ill-Health Prevention and Early Intervention (MI-HPEI) program
  • Access to a resource library, multilingual resources and publications
  • Policy and service development
  • Education and training
  • Access to information and statistics and useful links
  • Updates about what's on from QTMHC.

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Last updated 8 June 2021
Last reviewed 8 June 2021