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Deafness and Mental Health

It is estimated that one in six Australians experience some degree of hearing lossand estimates of the signing Deaf community range between 6,500 and 15,400.

The Deafness and Mental Health Statewide Consultation Service is the first of its kind in Australia, where we have the highest rates of deafness in our Indigenous community in the world.

The Deafness and Mental Health Statewide Consultation Service strives to ensure Queensland Health services, including mental health service and care, are accessible and appropriate for people with a hearing loss. 

We have developed best practice guidelines, online training modules and various resources to support and up-skill staff.

The online training courses suit hte needs of staff and services providing care to Deaf and hard of hearing people.

For a consultation, referral, resources of further information please visit the Deafness and Mental Health Statewide Consultation Service page.

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Contact Details

Phone: (07) 3317 1080
Fax: (07) 3317 1296
Mobile: 0419 023 883
Web: Deafness and Mental Health State-wide Consultation Service

Introduction to Deafness and Mental Health: Auslan video translation of written text​

Last updated 19 July 2022
Last reviewed 19 July 2022