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MSAMHS Research

Since the formation of MSAMHS and the development of our academic clinical units; research, learning and evaluation have been fundamental to improving clinical outcomes for the community we serve as well as broadening the growth and knowledge base of our staff.

At MSAMHS research activities are supported by the Research and Learning Network, a hub for research endeavours. Our strengths include the breadth of research topics, involving partnerships with universities, support from mentors and experienced personnel as well as access to existing data. You will also gain support in research project development, analysis, resources and infrastructure as well as ethics and governance processes.

MSAMHS is committed to supporting research capability and capacity by providing expert advice on the feasibility, methodology and appropriateness of research initiatives at Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS) through the Research and Learning Network and the Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

Research Symposium

Welcome message from Linda Hipper, Acting Executive Director Addiction and Mental Health Services

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Symposium 2018

The Symposium is being held on Friday 23 November 2018 from 8.30am to 4pm. This year’s theme is 'Embracing research to enhance our patient care', learn more now.

View the 2017 Addiction and Mental Health Research Symposium presentations online in the MSAMHS Video Centre.

Undertaking research at MSAMHS

This guide will assist our staff involved in research as well as our external research partners in navigating the research process requirements here at MSAMHS. To learn more the MSAMHS Research Advisory Committee Flow Chart will help you to navigate through our research process requirements.  You can explore each stage in greater detail by selecting the hyperlinks within the overview.

Key documents

Funding and grants

Successful grant applications are commonly (Peat et al., 2002):

  • Based on novel ideas
  • Demonstrate appropriate methodology
  • Answer an important question
  • Are practical and likely to succeed
  • Represent good value for money
  • Are well thought out, well written and presented with a clear order and high degree of readability

Grants can be very competitive and difficult to obtain, it is important that you discuss possible grant applications with your research mentor. Also discuss your study with your line manager to determine if your proposal may be possible without additional funding.

Publishing and disemminating research

Coming soon

Research opportunities

Coming soon

Research reports

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Last updated 12 February 2019
Last reviewed 28 September 2017