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Physical Health Care (PHC)

Physical Health Care intervention and practice is the link between physical and mental health and is widely recognised. Having a mental illness increases the risk of developing preventable physical conditions, and having a physical disease increases the risk of developing mental health issues. Improving physical health improves mental wellbeing and reduces mental illness symptoms.

Physical Health Care (PHC) involves supporting consumers to improve physical health and prevent physical diseases, thereby improving mental health and supporting individuals’ recovery journey. PHC assessment includes monitoring of physiological indicators (e.g. weight, waist, blood pressure, blood lipids and blood glucose levels), as well as lifestyle behaviours (nutrition, exercise, sleep, alcohol and other drug use) and other psychosocial influences that impact health and wellbeing.

PHC intervention involves physical health counselling, education, and practical support programs, as well as improving integration with primary care and community services. The PHC Therapy Capability Framework outlines a pathway for staff to improve clinical capability in PHC practices.


We would like to acknowledge and thank the many staff from steering groups, focus groups and working groups who offered their time and expertise to provide consultation on the Therapy Capability Frameworks. We appreciate the level of experience and effort that went into the recommendations as their contributions have made these documents more robust, inclusive and meaningful.  All contributors are listed by name in the Close Report presented to the project sponsor, the Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Branch (MHAODB). We would also like to express our appreciation for the funding contributed by MHAODB to enable the completion of this phase of the Therapy Capability Framework project.

  • Co-Authors of this document (listed alphabetically):
  • Justin Chapman – Consumer Consultant and Researcher, MSAMHS
  • Sarah Craig – Senior Psychologist, Workforce Development Officer, Therapies and Allied Health Team, MSAMHS
  • Cassandra Dodd - Senior Exercise Physiologist, MSAMHS
  • Alan Gude – Team Leader, LADDERS, MSAMHS
  • Donni Johnston – Senior Community Nutritionist, MSAMHS
  • Geoff Lau – Director, Therapies and Allied Health, MSAMHS
  • Andrea Parker - Senior Dietician, Older Adults Service, Therapies and Allied Health Team, MSAMHS
  • Jeanette Sewell – Professional Lead Leisure Therapy, MSAMHS

Additional specialist contributors: Michelle Combo (Team Leader, Way Forward, MSAMHS), Elizabeth Truong (Manager, QTMHC), and Renee Lee (Rehab Therapy Aide, Alternatives to Admission, MSAMHS).

Last updated 29 November 2021
Last reviewed 29 November 2021