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Maternity FAQ

A list of commonly asked questions about our maternity services.

How do I book in to Logan/Redland/Beaudesert Hospital once I find out I am pregnant?

When you find out you're pregnant, the first step is to see your General Practitioner or private midwife, who will provide a referral to a hospital and will organise your initial tests and scans. Once we have received a referral, we will advise you of the date and time of your first appointment at hospital with a doctor or midwife.

When will I visit the hospital during my pregnancy?

You can expect to be offered your first appointment at hospital after 20 weeks. Following this, you will usually see a hospital specialist at approximately 36 weeks.

If your GP thinks you may have a high-risk or complicated pregnancy, you may be referred to hospital early for assessment by an obstetrician.

What do I do if I think I am going into labour?

Please contact the birthing suite at your hospital and ask to speak to the midwife:

  • Beaudesert Hospital: (07) 5441 9111
  • Logan Hospital: (07) 3299 8899
  • Redland Hospital: (07) 3488 3111

What should I bring to hospital?

As your due date draws near you might like to prepare a bag for you and the baby. Here is a list of things you will need to bring:

  • your pregnancy hand held record 
  • loose comfortable clothing for labour (these may need to be discarded) 
  • casual clothes for daywear 
  • underwear, footwear, toiletries 
  • four (4) packets of maternity sanitary pads 
  • breast pads 
  • nappies and baby wipes 
  • Baby bath solution (optional) 
  • 2-3 sets of clothes for your baby to wear in hospital (if desired) 
  • 1 x set of clothes for baby to go home in

Baby linen such as nighties and bunny rugs are supplied by the hospital. We also encourage mothers to dress in casual clothes during their stay with us. If planning to artificially feed your baby, please bring a tin of formula of your choice.

Where do I go for admission?

If you are in labour, you should present to the Birthing Suite for admission. If you have been booked in for induction of labour or any other antenatal admission that has not been planned, please present to the Maternity Assessment Unit between 7am and 10pm to be admitted.

If you are presenting for a routine admission that has been arranged by doctors, you may be admitted at the hospital’s front reception desk.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

Phone the hospital and ask for Birthing Suite if you are in labour or have any other worries about your pregnancy. If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant and experiencing problems, please contact your own GP or phone the hospital and ask for the emergency department. Please phone prior to coming into the Birthing Suite to allow the midwife to assess your progress and prepare for your arrival. Some of the other reasons you may need to come to hospital include if :

  • your waters break 
  • contractions become too painful to cope with at home 
  • vaginal bleeding occurs 
  • your baby is not moving as much as normal 
  • you are worried about yourself or your baby.


  • Beaudesert Hospital: (07) 5441 9111
  • Logan Hospital: (07) 3299 8899
  • Redland Hospital: (07) 3488 3111

Can my support person/husband/partner stay with me while I am in hospital?

While you are in labour, we encourage your support person, husband or partner to be with you at all times. Your support person is welcome to visit you when you are on the ward, but will be unable to stay overnight.

Can a support person video the birth of my baby?

In the Birthing Suite, photographing birth is permissible at the request of the labouring mother, provided that this does not conflict with the primary role of the support person. Members of the hospital staff should not be photographed or filmed without their individual consent.

Videoing of births requires the permission of all staff present and must not prevent staff from immediately attending to mother and baby. Please make your request in writing, well before your baby is due by completing the required form. You can discuss this with the midwife in at your antenatal appointments. For safety reasons, photographs of births in the operating theatre may be taken by staff only.

Can my support person stay with me if I need a caesarian section?

If you are having a planned caesarean section with an epidural, your support person will be able to attend. Your obstetricians’ permission is needed if you require an emergency caesarean section.

How long do I stay in hospital once I have had my baby?

How long you stay in hospital will depend on you and your baby. If you have a normal delivery, you will generally leave hospital 24 - 48 hours after birth. An early discharge program at 6 hours is also offered for low risk women if they would like this. If you have a caesarean section, discharge is not recommended before 48 hours and will vary based on the individual.

What are the visiting times?

Logan Hospital visiting hours in Ward 2D are: 10am to 12 noon and 3pm to 8pm. Redland Hospital visiting hours are: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm. Beaudesert Hospital visiting hours are: 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 8pm.

Will there be any fees?

If you are an Australian resident with a Medicare card, there is no cost for having your baby at Beaudesert Hospital, Logan Hospital or Redland Hospital.

If you choose to engage a private midwife, you will be responsible for any fees. You will also be responsible for your General Practitioner's fees.

What support do you provide following the birth?

A community midwifery discharge provides home visits for up to 7 days after the birth of your baby if required.

The Mums and Bubs program provides an additional two free home visits from a qualified midwife two and four weeks post discharge from Beaudesert, Logan, and Redland Hospitals.

These visits are in addition to the initial hospital midwife contact post-birth and are available to all women in Metro South Health, regardless of whether they birthed as a public or private patient, or at a public or private hospital. The postnatal home visit will be provided as an option when mothers book-in at the hospital.

Metro South Health delivers the Mums and Bubs program in partnership with Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local. The initiative is part of the Queensland Government's commitment to enhance Maternal and Child Services and improved health and wellbeing for mums and bubs in the region.

A Healthy Hearing rescreen and physiotherapy appointments post partum are also provided for those that may require this follow up.

Last updated 21 September 2023
Last reviewed 21 September 2023