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Special care nurseries

Our Logan and Redland special care nurseries care for sick and preterm babies 32 weeks gestation and later. If your baby is younger than 32 weeks, or too sick to be cared for here, he/she will be transferred to either the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital or the Mater Mother's Hospital. When your baby is well enough, he/she will be transferred back to us for ongoing care and to prepare to go home with you.

We have two areas within the nurseries:

  • the acute area—for sick newborns requiring constant monitoring and extra treatment
  • the growing area—for stable growing "prems", and those babies establishing feeding and preparing for discharge home.

Visiting your baby in the nursery

Parents are encouraged to come to the nursery at any time to be with their baby. Other visitors, such as grandparents and siblings of the baby, are welcome to visit during visiting hours, but must be accompanied by a parent.

Young children must be under parental supervision at all times whilst visiting in the nursery. Only siblings of the baby are to visit in the special care nursery. No other children are permitted. All visitors must be in good health with no coughs, colds or infections.

Visiting hours are 11am - 12noon and 5pm - 8pm daily.

Hand washing

Everyone must wash their hands on every entry to the special care nursery. Babies in the special care nursery are prone to catching germs and bugs and hand washing is very important to help protect your baby.

How long will my baby need to stay in the nursery?

This is very dependent on your baby. Each baby is different and will be assessed by the doctors, nurses and midwives caring for them. If your baby is born premature, you can usually expect to have your baby home by the time they reach your original due date—if not a little bit earlier.

We understand that it can be a frightening experience to have your baby in the special care nursery. Please feel free to ask the staff caring for your baby any questions. If your baby is born premature or sick, he/she may need to stay in hospital longer than you, but you are encouraged to visit your baby as often as you can. We can also offer social work and chaplain services if you need these.

Last updated 17 May 2015
Last reviewed 17 May 2015