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Maternity Care

at Logan Hospital

We provide high quality maternity services for women across our region, with a focus on ensuring the very best care and comfort for you and your baby.

Logan Hospital has birthing suites with individual ensuites.

We have 24/7 obstetric support and a Special Care Nursery.

A Birthing Suite Lounge with tea and coffee making facilities is available for support people to have a short break during labour. Food is available at Armstrong’s Cafe on the second floor of the hospital or at shops nearby the hospital, during business hours.

When to come to hospital

Phone the hospital on 3299 8899 and ask for Birthing Suite if you are in labour or have any other worries about your pregnancy.

If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant and experiencing problems, please contact your own GP or phone the hospital 3299 8899 and ask for the emergency department.

Please phone prior to coming into the Birthing Suite to allow the midwife to assess your progress and prepare for your arrival. Some of the other reasons you may need to come to hospital include if:

  • your waters break
  • contractions become too painful to cope with at home
  • vaginal bleeding occurs
  • your baby is not moving as much as normal
  • you are worried about yourself or your baby.

For admission information and what to pack in your hospital bag, read about coming to hospital.

Photographs and video

In the Birthing Suite, photographing birth is permissible at the request of the labouring mother, provided that this does not conflict with the primary role of the support person. Videoing of births requires the permission of all staff present and must not prevent staff from immediately attending to mother and baby.

For safety reasons, photographs of births in the Operating Theatre may be taken by staff only.

Members of the hospital staff should not be photographed or filmed without their individual consent. 

Please discuss your wishes for photography and videoing with the midwife at your antenatal appointments well before your baby is due.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours in Ward 2D are:

  • 8am to 9pm for partners
  • 8am to 8pm for all other visitors

Rest periods

The Maternity Unit has a rest period for women and their babies from 12 noon to 3pm. Women are encouraged to take advantage of this rest time. Visitors are asked to leave the unit during this time. Partners may visit anytime.

Parents whose babies are in the special care nursing may visit their baby at any time.

Maternity Care at other hospitals and centres

Last updated 29 May 2015
Last reviewed 22 November 2016