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Our family is growing.

We're planning an $18.875 million refurbishment and expansion project to deliver a bigger, better Logan Maternity for our community.

The project will expand our maternity inpatient unit, birthing suites and special care nursery, to provide contemporary maternity care for our local community, close to home.

What we're planning

Refurbished maternity unit with 36 beds
Refurbished maternity unit with 6 additional beds
Refurbished birthing unit with 14 birth suites, eight with birthing pools
Refurbished birthing unit with 5 additional suites
Refurbished special care nursery
Refurbished and expanded special care nursery
Dedicated facilities for partners, families and visitors

What's happening now?

We are about the start a detailed design of the refurbished facilities in consultation with staff, consumers and stakeholders. This is a very detailed architectural drawing of the refurbishment.

Once the detailed design is complete, we will progress to construction phase.


We understand that the journey to parenthood is one of the most important events in your life. That's why the expanded Logan Maternity will offer:

  • facilities that support leading models of care
  • greater birthing choice
  • improved privacy
  • improved access
  • birthing pools for water immersion
  • dedicated facilities for families, partners and carers.


Logan Maternity Refurbishment Project Timeline

New and expanded facilities

Maternity inpatient unit

  • Six additional maternity inpatient beds, bringing the total to 36 beds
  • A mix of single and double rooms with ensuites
  • Facilities for partners, carers and families

Birthing unit

  • Five additional birthing suites, bringing the total to 14 suites
  • Birthing pools for water immersion
  • Facilities for partners, carers and families

Special Care Nursery

  • Additional cot spaces
  • Ready access for allied health staff including physiotherapists, social workers and Healthy Hearing
  • Rooming-in capability for parents and babies
Last updated 1 April 2019
Last reviewed 8 January 2019