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This Welcome Portal is your personal guide to ensure we have everything in hand before you commence with Logan Hospital.

It is all about setting you up for success - ensuring you feel welcomed, prepared, informed, and supported as you find your feet in the organisation.

We hope that your time working at Logan Hospital is enjoyable and rewarding as possible and we look forward to your contribution as an engaged and appreciated employee.

Let’s get you on board as quickly as possible!

Your new starter documentation

You will be provided with access to myHR once you commence with us. 

myHR is an online self-service tool, which provides you with greater visibility and control of your HR information, access to your pay details, the ability to submit leave and much more. 

It's important to access myHR ideally on your first day to ensure you are paid correctly.

Please see below documents to complete/download in preparation for your first day:

  1. Instructions on how to access myHR and how to enter your personal and banking details: 
  2. Forms required to be printed out, completed, and uploaded to myHR:
  3. Be ready to bring your completed forms and banking details with you on your first day of work.

Your journey starts here...

Across your first 90 days following your commencement in your new role with Logan Hospital, you will be required to complete the necessary mandatory training to ensure you are safe and can complete your role safely. 

It is during this time that you will connect with our organisation, your team, your colleagues and your job.  Your Manager will support your induction to Logan Hospital, introduce you to your work unit and colleagues, work with you to establish performance objectives, offer continuous feedback and support and will keep a record of your completion of the mandatory training requirements.

Your induction timeline

Download your induction timeline (PDF)

What you can do to maximise your onboarding experience

Your manager will welcome and oversee your commencement and induction - this will ensure you know when and where to go on your first day, are familiar with all areas of your new job, will introduce you to the practical parts of your role and workplace, and will ensure completion of your mandatory training. 

Tips to maximise your onboarding experience

  • Be prepared, responsive and proactive
  • Introduce yourself, establish networks, find a mentor
  • Participate and provide feedback
  • Ask questions and seek help when you need it
  • Read resources and complete all mandatory training on time
  • Be patient – you won’t know everything immediately!
  • Access myHR and update all your personal and banking details - make sure to bring your completed documents on your first day to upload to myHR

Topics for your first conversations with your new manager

When starting in a new job, you may be nervous, taking in a lot of information and meeting a lot of new faces. Here are some suggestions for conversation topics that may be useful during your first conversations with your new manager.

Suggested first day conversation topics

  • Your understanding of your job description and the role of your unit
  • Your insight into the organisation and any gaps in your understanding
  • Do you need to clarify any unclear expectations?
  • How does your job connect with others in your team, your Manager, your unit?
  • What is the style of work in your unit? (eg expectations for communication, decision making, record keeping)
  • How does your team present project outcomes or new ideas?
  • Your professional strengths and how they might support your unit’s objectives
  • Your career objectives / ambitions / goals
  • Any capability development needs you have identified
  • Ask your Manager for a quick run through of myHR

Preparing for your 90 day review meeting

This collaborative review will offer a chance to assess performance, provide feedback, recognise achievement, and identify capability development opportunities. Collaborating with your Manager to establish clear objectives allows you to build structure to your role, allows you to gauge your progress, and offers a better perspective for shaping future performance goals.

Tips for preparing for your 90 day review

  • Review your job description and the performance goals you established with your Manager
  • Complete the 90 day Review Meeting: Employee Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Approach the review as a development opportunity
  • Review any feedback from your Manager
  • Prepare constructive feedback for your Manager
  • Think about what you have done well, not just areas for improvement
  • Give yourself enough time to prepare
  • Use the review to share your new ideas / innovation
  • Ensure your review is a two-way conversation – know what you’d like to discuss

The Logan Hospital family – get to know us a little better

Our values

Our values were created by employees for employees to inspire positive interactions in the workplace. Here at Logan Hospital, we strive to create a culture where our ICARE2 values are at the centre of how we work and interact with one anothera positive workplace so our people can connect, feel safe and welcome to contribute, and perform at their best.

ICARE2 values

These values guide our day-to-day decision making and are fundamental to what we care about as a health service, how we behave, how we interact with each other and provide care to the many patients who come through our doors every day.

See our values in action

Logan Hospital

Logan Hospital has grown from a 48-bed community hospital in 1990 to a 485-bed hospital today, mirroring the rapid growth in population in the Logan region. We provide acute medical, surgical, rehabilitation, maternity, cardiology, orthopaedics, renal and other specialty services for children and adults.

Logan Hospital is a teaching hospital that helps train future health care professionals and participates in research through strong partnerships with Queensland’s leading tertiary institutions. As a ‘digital hospital’ with a fully integrated electronic medical record system, Logan Hospital is able to prioritise quality and safety in the healthcare services provided to the community. 

We’re proud of our history and excited about a future filled with better ways to care. 


Logan Hospital is situated midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast with easy access to the national highway and rail networks. 

Logan is home to more than 327,000 people from more than 217 different cultures, with a range of housing options from leafy suburbs to bushland acreage, more than 1100 environmental and recreational parks featuring dog off-leash areas, exercise facilities, play equipment and skate ramps and a range of attractions that capture the city's history and cultural diversity.

Useful links

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Locanto - Places for Rent in Brisbane

Sabbatical Homes

Brisbane South Child Care

Care for Kids

C&K Pre-schooling Professionals

Queensland Childcare Services

Playgroup Australia

Queensland Education

Australian School Directory

Private schools

City of Logan

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Department of Home Affairs


Australian Taxation Office

Tourism Qld

Your pay, myHR and Streamline

Metro South Health employees are paid two weeks in arrears from your date of commencement.


The myHR solution enables employees to submit forms, approve forms and track their progress while supporting enhanced staffing and organisational structure management—all online.

What does this mean for me?

MyHR removes duplication, reduce paperwork and return the control and accountability of workforce establishment management to the business, thereby improving visibility of information, transparency of form tracking, increasing productivity and accuracy, as well as reducing the time and inconvenience of returned forms.

In your first days with Logan Hospital

It's important that you access myHR as soon as your start so that you can enter your banking and personal details and upload your Tax File Number Declaration Form and Choose Your Super Fund form (only if choosing other than QSuper).

Instructions can be found here on how to do this: Accessing myHR on your first day


Once you have received your first payslip you can register for Streamline. Streamline provides fast and easy online access to your pay information and other services.

With Streamline you can:

  • See your pay slip two days before payday
  • Download your payment summaries
  • Submit and track your pay queries

You can access Streamline at work or anywhere you have internet access. Simply visit

Register for Streamline

Registering for Streamline is a security step to verify your personal details against payroll information. To register for Streamline, you will need:

  • The unique 15 character registration token found on your most recent pay slip
  • Your Person ID (also referred to as payroll number or employee number)
  • Your preferred email address (work of private)

Once you have these details, go to and click Register Now.

Call the State-wide Hotline on 1800 239 074 (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday) for assistance with registration.

Remuneration and benefits

We employ diverse clinical and non-clinical staff right across our services. You’ll find plenty of opportunities in nursing, medical, allied health, administration and support services. We also play a key role in education and research, with strong links to the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and several other academic institutions.

We offer rewarding career opportunities across a wide range of clinical and non-clinical areas across our health service from pathology to administration support services, patient liaison to operational patient support services, medicine to nutrition and nursing to maintenance. We pride ourselves on providing a work environment that is safe, satisfying, flexible, and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Competitive remuneration and benefits

Read about benefits offered to Metro South Health employees.

Salary packaging


At Remserv we're all about real benefits and genuine savings. With Remserv eligible Public Hospital employees are able to package additional benefit items under the FBT cap concession, up to a limit of $9,010 each Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) year (from 1 April - 31 March the following year). Some of the benefits you can package include, Mortgage or rent payments, personal loan repayments, utilities, private travel etc.

You are eligible to salary sacrifice if you are employed by Metro South either as:

  • A permanent full time or part time employee
  • Temporary full time or part time employee
  • A long term casual employee

Visit Remserv to find out more. 

Smart Salary

Smartsalary aims to be the easiest salary packaging company to deal with. We believe in premium level customer service – taking care of you is out point of difference.
We reimburse your claims within 48 hours of payday, so you’re not left out of pocket and our mobile-friendly website makes lodging claims fast and paper free.

Visit Smart Salary to find out more.

Novated leasing

Novated lease is an agreement between you, your employer and the provider. You enter into a finance lease and a second agreement called a novation agreement is used to transfer part of your lease payments to your employer. Once an agreement is in place your employer deducts money from your wage and the deduction is used to pay for the vehicle. This allows your car to be treated like a company car which normally provides income tax and GST savings to you.

For more information visit the QLD Government Novated Lease website.

Novated Lease Providers

Employees wanting to salary package a novated lease on a new or used motor vehicle must use the novated leasing supplier panel. Employees can contact their preferred novated leasing supplier/s from the panel to arrange one or more quotes. The novated leasing providers on the panel are listed below:

Disclaimer: It is entirely voluntary for staff to take up any offers. Staff are encouraged to review the offerings of all service providers in the market before selecting a product that suits their individual needs.

Smart Leasing



Fleet Management

Fleet Plus

Alliance Leasing

Statewide Novated Leasing


Union membership

Metro South Health recognises the right of individuals to join a union and encourages membership; however, we also recognise that union membership remains a choice for individuals. 

We involve staff and their union representatives in making decisions that affect our workforce. You are encouraged and will be given reasonable time to participate in consultation processes and seek advice from your union.

On commencement with Metro South Health, your name, position title and work location will be provided to the relevant union so the union can have the opportunity to discuss with you the benefits of union membership.

If you have any questions regarding union membership, please contact the relevant union directly.

Union encouragement policy

Read our union encouragement policy F4 (QH-POL-248).

Union contacts





Australian Medical Association Queensland

(07) 3872 2222

Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation Queensland

(02) 9212 6900

Australian Workers Union

(07) 3221 8844

Queensland Council of Unions

(07) 3846 2468

Queensland Nurses Union

(07) 3840 1429

The Services Union

(07) 3844 5300


(07) 3017 6110

Transport Workers Union

(07) 3890 3066

United Voice

(07) 3291 4600

Inclusive and diverse workforce

Metro South Health is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace that respects and values the contributions of people of different backgrounds. We strive to be an employer of choice by providing equitable and fair opportunities for First Nations Australians, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, people with a disability, women and disadvantaged groups.

The Metro South Health Strategic Plan 2021-2025 describes how Metro South Health will maintain and develop an exceptional workforce that reflects the diversity of the community it serves by:

  • Ensuring the safety, health and well-being of our workforce;
  • Ensuring our workforce has opportunities and pathways to develop and be leaders in their fields; and
  • Develop a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community.

You can support these strategies and initiatives by clicking the ‘diversity data’ tab and updating your information in myHR or Streamline.

Your safety and wellbeing

Create a healthy and safe working environment

As an employee of the department, you are obligated to ensure your own safety and wellbeing within the workplace, as well as being vigilant about the safety and wellbeing of others. To ensure health and safety within the workplace you should:

  • know where to access first aid and fire
  • safety equipment
  • have completed all mandatory training
  • report any incidents, risks, injuries or near misses.

For more information about incident reporting and injury management, speak to your manager or local Occupational Health and Safety Unit.

How can you contribute?

  • Be on the lookout for hazards and risks
  • Look after your own and your colleague’s health and safety

Staff Self-Care and Well-Being

Self-care at its most simplistic definition includes behaviours, activities, and skills used to take care of oneself. Within every individual, there are many different dimensions: physical, emotional, mental/cognitive, social and spiritual aspects, to highlight a few. Each of these dimensions within a person requires care, attention, and intentional behaviours to optimize overall health and well-being.

Well-Being is a broad definition to assess happiness, health, stability, purpose and meaning in one’s life. I want you to visualize a circle. And within the circle are slices, much like a pie, and each slice represents one aspect of well-being: physical, emotional, mental/cognitive, social and spiritual well-being.

"Your mental health is a priority.
Your well-being is important.
Your self-care is a necessity."


Thriving at Work (EI & Resilience combined)

This course is designed to provide employees with the skills and knowledge to practice flexible thinking, develop or improve self-awareness, and develop strategies to manage emotions and relationships intelligently and empathetically.

Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

This workshop is suitable for staff in clinical and non-clinical roles. It will be ideal for those feeling a little overwhelmed or worn down by day-to-day stresses and pressures, or those seeking a little extra investment in their own well-being.


These micro-modules are 10 minutes or less that have been created to provide health workers with a quick and simple glimpse into how you can improve your self-care and well-being:

Stay connected


QHEPS is Queensland Health’s intranet site. You can only access QHEPS from computers that are connected to the Queensland Health network.

QHEPS offers a wide range of organisational, employment and resource material. QHEPS will default as your home page on your preferred internet browser.

Other tools for keeping informed

Keep connected

You can keep connected socially with Queensland Health via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or groups.

Track your progress

Here are some things you can work towards in your first 90 days with Metro South Health:

  • Confirm your paperwork is received by payroll (offer acceptance, commencement form, tax file declaration)
  • Arrange security access and ID badge
  • Workstation induction—network access, telephone, email, contact lists, etc.
  • Understand probation requirements (if applicable)
  • Familiarise yourself with QHEPS
  • Occupational health and safety orientation training
  • General evacuation instruction training and fire warden training
  • Occupational violence prevention fundamentals

So far so good?

We are always trying to improve our processes, especially our recruitment processes. If you would like to provide any feedback about our process or the information contained in the welcome portal please complete our Metro South Health entrance survey.

We would love to hear from you! It’s anonymous, takes 3 minutes and we really appreciate it! 

Logan Hospital useful resources

Facility map

Key contacts

Logan Hospital (switchboard)

(07) 3299 8899

State-wide payroll hotline

1800 239 074

IT Support

1800 198 175

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