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Frequently asked questions

Why is Logan Hospital being expanded?

Logan Hospital has become the major health centre for one of the fastest growing regions in the state. Each year, there are more than 89,000 presentations to the emergency department, and more than 80,000 inpatient admissions to the hospital.

The proposed infrastructure program is vital to ensure the hospital can meet the demand for healthcare services into the future, and provide a modern, comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff.

What areas of the hospital are being expanded?

There are two major projects that are being planned as part of the Logan Hospital Infrastructure Program:

  1. Logan Hospital Expansion Project - new levels for expanded clinical services, plus significant refurbishment of existing facilities
  2. Maternity Services Refurbishment Project - major refurbishment of Maternity Services, including additional beds, delivery rooms and special care cots

Where is the program up to?

Both of the projects are currently in the Detailed Business Case (DBC) phase.

The DBC is an important component of all major infrastructure projects. It ensures the project will provide value for money and meet the needs of the community. The DBC process includes:

  • significant consultation with clinicians, stakeholders and the community
  • a 'schematic design' for the expansion - a high level archictectural plan of the new facilities
  • specialist advice from architects, engineers, and financial and building experts.

Once the DBC is approved by the government, a detailed design of the new facilities and planning for construction will commence.

When is construction due to start?

Following funding approval, we expect construction on the Maternity Services Refurbishment Project will be the first to commence in mid 2019. This will be followed by the larger expansion project in late 2019-early 2020.

Are staff, consumers and community members involved in the planning?

Yes. Staff, patient and community feedback is vital to ensure the success of the project and to ensure the needs of all stakeholders have been carefully considered, evaluated and prioritised.

Representatives from each of these groups are currently being engaged through User Groups. User Groups provide valuable input during each planning phase of a project, and will continue during schematic design and detailed design.

Patients, families and community members can also provide feedback via our website.

How will noise, dust and other factors be managed during construction?

The health and safety of Logan Hospital’s patients, families, visitors and staff - as well as the maintenance of clinical services - will be our top priorities during construction.

Some noise and other disruptions will be unavoidable during construction. Plans to manage this will be developed closer to construction in consultation with staff, patients and visitors in the various areas affected by works.

Last updated 9 January 2019
Last reviewed 8 January 2019