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At Logan Hospital, you'll have all the benefits of working for Queensland's world-class public health system including generous leave entitlements and salary packaging.

Attractive salary and remuneration packages

Logan Hospital female employeeAs a Queensland Health employer, we offer attractive salary and remuneration packages, allowances and incentives. Read more about what we offer for your specific employment stream.


We contribute up to 12.75 per cent of your salary into superannuation.

The main superannuation fund used by Queensland Government departments is QSuper. However, if you are member of another super fund or prefer not to use QSuper, you can choose your own superannuation fund. If you don’t choose another fund, your superannuation contributions will be made to QSuper as the Queensland Government’s default fund for our employees. 

Salary packaging

Salary packaging (also known as 'salary sacrifice') allows eligible employees to pay for expenses with money from their salary before tax is taken out. By reducing your pre-tax income, you reduce the amount of income tax you pay, and therefore increase the amount of pay you take home each fortnight. We use RemServ and SmartSalary to manage employees' salary packaging arrangements.

Eligible health service employees may be able to sacrifice expenses including: 

  • mortgage repayments
  • rent
  • additional superannuation contributions
  • utilities (electricity, gas etc) costs
  • insurance
  • novated car leases
  • private school fees

You are eligible to participate in salary sacrifice arrangements if your employment is:

  • permanent full or part-time
  • temporary full or part-time
  • long-term casual—employed on a regular and systematic basis for 12 months or more

To find out more about your salary packaging options contact either RemServ on 1300 304 010 or SmartSalary on 1300 218 598

Fringe Benefit Tax exemption

Logan Hospital male employeeEligible employees for the Fringe Benefits Tax exemption cap are able salary package the widest variety of benefits. This is a way for employees to be rewarded for the important services they provide.

A non-salary sacrifice or employer-provided fringe benefit is provided by the department or a Hospital and Health Service (HHS). For example, the private use of a work vehicle, accommodation assistance or a living away from home allowance. The FBT exemption cap will be applied to a non-salary sacrifice fringe benefit first.

The FBT exemption cap is not an employee entitlement. It’s a tax concession for some categories of employers under the FBT legislation.

Changes in your personal or work circumstances affect the FBT exemption cap and your access to salary packaging. We recommended you seek independent financial advice if any of your circumstances change.

Study benefits and career development

We offer paid study leave and financial assistance for courses relevant to your work for eligible employees.

We offer extensive supervision, teaching and simulation training across all clinical professions, as well as generous professional development leave allowances. And we pride ourselves on our approach to multi-displinary and cross-departmental educational activities.

We’re a teaching and research hospital with strong relationships with Queensland’s leading universities—and we’re closely linked with Queensland’s leading tertiary hospital and healthcare research institution, the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Flexible work and leave

Your wellbeing is important to us. We support a healthy work-life balance and offer a range of flexible working options including: 

  • part-time / job sharing
  • cumulative sick leave, 17.5% annual leave loading, leave at half pay, purchased leave, parental leave, special leave and cultural leave
  • study assistance / leave and training funds for eligible employees
  • employee assistance program
  • fitness passport
  • staff wellbeing program.

Person-centred care

We're part of Australia's first organisation that was recognised for excellence in person-centred care. We strive to provide the best possible health care experience at every encounter. We are proud to demonstrate a range of benefits, including:

  • quality health care that respects patients’ preferences, needs and values
  • understanding that patient experiences with us goes beyond our ability to treat their clinical symptoms
  • ability to attract and retain the best talent 
  • fostering collaborative inter-disciplinary relationships
  • increased staff empowerment and job satisfaction
  • optimal clinical outcomes and improved overall experience through focusing on our patients’ individual needs 
  • organisational benefits such as reduced length of stay, improved patient satisfaction and decreased infection, readmission and mortality rates.

Car parking and bicycle storage 

Logan Hospital offers onsite, subsidised staff car parking. Staff parking fees can be salary packaged.

An End-of-Trip (EOT) facility is located on the ground level of the multi-level car park. You can use these facilities to incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle into your workday. The EOT consists of:

  • bicycle and scooter parking
  • showers
  • change rooms
  • lockers

Access to the End-of-Trip facility is provided free of charge for all Logan Hospital staff.

Last updated 13 October 2022
Last reviewed 11 October 2022