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World-first spinal cord injury trial at PAH

Project Status: 

Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) researchers are launching a world-first clinical trial aimed at improving recovery from spinal cord injuries.
The trial will see an anti-inflammatory drug Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg), given to participants within hours of spinal trauma in an effort to minimise tissue damage and improve recovery from spinal cord injuries. IVIg is a safe drug and is already used in the hospital for other conditions.
The trial will recruit 20 participants and will run for three years at PAH.
Full media release:

Aims & Goals: 
Aim: to save one spinal level, which can be the difference between a patient being ventilator dependent and not on a ventilator at all. Saving a patient’s triceps function means they can independently push themselves out of a wheelchair, so they can put themselves to bed at night and get themselves up in the morning, just by saving one spinal level.
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Last updated 18 November 2019