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Prescribing guidelines web application

Project Status: 

In 2018, Metro South Health developed a new set of Prescribing Guidelines to provide concise, readily accessible information about prescribing for Metro South Health clinicians. The guidelines provide information on commonly used drugs in hospital, including indications, dose, contraindications, cautions, interactions and adverse effects.

This project developed mobile-first web application known as MSHPrescribe to house the guidelines. The primary purposes of the web app include:

  • making the guidelines interactive and easy to navigate
  • giving all clinicians easy access via their personal mobile devices
  • allowing the guidelines to be updated 'as required' rather than on an annual basis, and
  • reducing unnecessary printing.
Aims & Goals: 
  • Develop a web application for the MSH prescribing guidelines in consultation with key clinical stakeholders
  • Procure a software solution that enables to Medicines Management Committee (MMC) secretariat to manage ongoing updates to application content
  • Develop a model for ongoing technical support, software updates and hosting for the application.

Metro South Health is now the only HHS in Queensland to have:

  • Standardised prescribing guidelines across the whole organisation based around the List of Approved Medicines (LAM)
  • Prescribing guidelines available in an easy-to-use, digital application available on both internal PCs and clinicians’ personal mobile devices.
  • In developing the website’s content, the project team engaged with a significant number of senior clinicians across the HHS.
  • The application features an interactive Iron Polymaltose Calculator which allows clinicians to calculate correct dosage.
  • Announcements can be made through the application so clinicians are aware of significant changes to prescribing. A future innovation is these messages being delivered via an opt-in SMS service.
  • The initial rollout was scheduled to include five chapters. This has been exceeded and the application now has 13 chapters. The remaining chapters within the PAH Prescribing Guidelinesc chapters will be added by 2020.
  • The application had more than 300 active users in its first four days of ‘go live’.
Lead Service / Stream: 
prescribing, medicines, application
Last updated 8 March 2019