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PD Buddy App and Portal

Project Status: 

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) can provide efficient dialysis, however, as a home-based therapy, it needs to be carefully monitored. Prior to the trial of this technology, patients were recording health information such as: weight, blood pressure, ultrafiltration volume and type of PD used, in paper-based notebooks. These forms of recording became increasingly problematic for both the patients and the doctors to keep track of and the development of optimal treatment plans could not be forumulated.

The PD Unit at Logan Hospital have been working with CSIRO and the Transformation and Innovation Collaborative (TIC), to develop an application (App) and web portal that enables patients requiring PD to record, store and review treatment information on their mobile devices. The app and portal is currently up and running and is already empowering patients and assisting them with their self-management.

The smartphone app accompanies and guides PD patients through every step of their dialysis treatment by monitoring health measures, providing educational information and allowing staff to send SMS messages to the patients. The web portal enables clinicans to view their client's progress and provide individualised care.

Patients enter and monitor their own health parameters which are then automatically uploaded to the web portal. The system provides alerts to clinicians when patients enter information outside of the parameters and links to appropriate educational resources and to increase compliance while providing continuous patient support.

Patient benefits include:

  • Easy to use
  • Reduction in unnecessary visits to clinic as results can be emailed
  • Central point of reference for all peritoneal dialysis information
  • Improved medication compliance through the use of an alert system
  • No need to manually record information in an exercise book
  • Improved recording of health information
  • Allows medical staff to optimise patient's treatment regimen.
Aims & Goals: 

To provide peritoneal dialysis patients with a mobile health system to support monitoring and management of PD.

  • June, 2017.  Renal Society of Australiasia Conference. Award: "People's Choice - Best Poster"
  • July, 2017. MSH Board Chair Awards, Award: Nominee.
  • August, 2017. Health Round Table Innovation Workshops and Awards, Brisbane. Poster Presentation.
  • September, 2017. Australia and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN), Annual scientific meeting in Darwin. Conference presentation.
  • May, 2018. International Society of Australiasia Congress, Vancouver. Conference presentation.
  • May 2018. Australian Information Industry Awards (AIIA), State iAwards, Queensland. Category: "R&D project of the year". Award: Merit. Catergory: "Community Service Markets". Award: Merit.
  • June, 2018. Australian Information Industry Awards (AIIA), National iAwards, Melbourne. Category presenter: "R&D project of the year" and "Community Service Markets".
  • August, 2018. European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress. Conference Presentation.
  • September, 2018. MSH Board Chair's Awards. Award: MSH Board Chair Excellence Award.
Lead Service / Stream: 
App, Peritoneal Dialysis, telehealth
Last updated 18 November 2019