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Patient On-boarding Video project

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The wellbeing of our patients is our number one priority at Metro South Health.

While they are in hospital, our patients are generally not feeling well and they are in an unfamiliar environment. They will hear words they don't understand, be greeted by many different people, perhaps be given new medications and missing the comforts of home. There is so much that is unfamiliar - it can be overwhelming. 

To keep our patients safe and comfortable, it is important that we familiarise them with our environment and what they can expect. Not only will it help put them at ease, it could also help prevent safety issues such as falls and help reduce demands on our staff with the myriad of questions they receive.

To achieve this, Metro South Health has committed to producing a video for patients, as well as families and visitors, with important information about their stay at one of our Metro South hospitals. The video will provide key information on how they can stay safe and look after themselves, such as medication safety, falls, visitation policy etc.

The video will be made available within the hospital, on TV screens, and also online so that patients can watch the video prior to their hospital admission.

The Welcome to Our Hospital video is available in Metro South hospitals and online, and has been translated into 10 languages. Patients and their families can watch the video prior to their hospital admission by visiting the Metro South Health website:
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patient safety, hospital visit, safety video
Last updated 18 November 2019