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Oral Health and Smoking Cessation QIP

Project Status: 

Due to the strong links between smoking and oral health disease, the Smoking Cessation Quality Improvement Payment (QIP) 2016/17 now includes Metro South Oral Health patients. The Oral Health Smoking Cessation QIP encourages dental practitioner 'one on one' engagement with patients through the provision of care and education to improve smoking history screening and brief interventions in smoking cessation.

Using the Qld Health Smoking Cessation Clinical Pathway, patients accessing Metro South Oral Health services will be interviewed by any oral health multidisciplinary team member, i.e. dentist, oral health therapist, dental therapist, prosthetist or dental assistant, regarding their smoking status and nicotine dependence. Current smokers will be advised to quit and provided with a brief intervention that addresses the risk of tobacco smoking and benefits of quitting. Using the Wellness Care Plan - Smoking Cessation Guideline staff will encourage smokers to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and access the Quitline to support their quit attempt.

Outcomes include:

  • Increased staff confidence and ability to undertake smoking cessation brief interventions through the adaption of MSOH resource "Wellness Care Plan - Smoking Cessation Guideline"
  • Updating of data collection systems (Information System Oral Health - ISOH) to record and identify smoking status
  • Embedded processes to record the smoking status of all oral health patients
  • Embedded processes for clinicians to undertake smoking cessation brief interventions
  • Increased number of smoking cessation brief interventions completed with patients in Metro South Oral Health
  • Increased number of referrals to Quitline, General Practitioners and Pharmacies (for Nicotine Replacement Therapy)
Aims & Goals: 

To identify the smoking status of oral health patients and support those who smoke to quit by providing a brief intervention and referral to Quitline


Evaluation will include assessing improvements in:
* increased identification of MSOH patients’ smoking status
* increased number of Brief Interventions in Smoking Cessation conducted by oral health staff with patients identified as smokers
* increased numbers of MSOH patients referred to Quitline or their GP for follow up

Lead Service / Stream: 
Oral Health, Smoking Cessation
Last updated 20 September 2018