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MSH Person-Centered Care Experiential Learning Program

Project Status: 

Developing and delivering a Person-Centred Care (PCC) Experiential Learning Program is a component of Metro South Health's commitment towards Planetree (an international organisation supporting PCC within healthcare environments at a global level) certification. At the same time MSH recognised that this program was 'key component' in our mission to build a PCC culture across the whole organisation.

The program is developed with a focus on:

  • Skills development, with inspiration and team building
  •  Experiential learning processes
  • Delivery of learning in person by peers within the organisation, and
  • Attendance by a broad mix of staff

The program was developed with extensive consultation and input form MSH Consumers and staff. To design and deliver this program we implemented the following process: 

1) Discover 

2) Design

3) Deliver and

4) Evaluate

The program incorporates multiple touch points, including an Online module as a pre-requisit, a 2 hours Face-to-Face experiential learnign workshop and follow up activities. 

As this program is a key component of Planetree Certification criteria, the rollout of the program needed to align with and meet the application deadline and required staff completion rate. 

The program was rolled out successfully in March 2018 and as at the end of 2018: 

  • 8,500 staff had completed the online module 
  • 4500 staff had completed the face-to-face workshop

while the follow up activities are sent to all staff who participate in the face-to-face workshop. 

Opportunities are provided to MSH Consumer Advisors to complete the online module and also participate in the face-to-face workshops.

Aims & Goals: 

The program aimed at acheving two main objectives:

  1. To embed and solidify a Person-Centred Care culture across MSH and to support the entire workforce to play and active role in delivering Person-Centred Care regardless of their role, location, experience or seniority. 
  2. To motivate staff and create a better staff engagement by encouraging self-care aimed at reducing burnout and compassion fatigue. 
Lead Service / Stream: 
Person-Centered Care, Experiential Learning, Planetree
Last updated 19 November 2019