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Metro South Cross Cultural Training Project

Project Status: 

Metro South Health is the most culturally diverse area in Queensland with almost 1/3 of the local community born overseas (282,563 people). Almost 1/2 of this group (157,712 people) were born in Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) countries and do not speak English at home. This richness of culture in the community means services need to ensure their patient centered care approaches are mature enough to take into account patients’ specific needs when delivering care, providing patients with information, and planning for their discharge.

From December 2014 to February 2015, the Metro South Health Access & Capacity-building Team ran a consultation entitled ‘Multicultural Training Needs Analysis’ which sought staff opinion on what types of training would assist them to deliver culturally sensitive care.  417 staff respondents reported training needs and it was identified that a coordinated and targeted approach to staff training on key multicultural topics was required.  The introduction of LEAPOnline, Metro South Health's learning management system has provided an opportunity to develop on-line training materials for cross cultural awareness.  Through the training development process the need for modules to become mandatory training will also be progressed.

Aims & Goals: 

The overarching objective is to increase the cultural competence of MSH staff and to improve care to culturally diverse consumers. This will be achieved by ensuring staff have access to and participate in cross cultural education and training.

Lead Service / Stream: 
Culturally Diversity Training, CALD
Last updated 20 September 2018